Kuoni flight delayed or cancelled? Get flight compensation of up to £520 per passenger!

Did you book your holiday through Kuoni? If your flight was delayed or cancelled you could get up to £520 in flight compensation + a refund of your flight - this offers stands for up to 6 years after your flight!

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Kuoni flight delayed or cancelled — here’s what you should know

  • If your Kuoni flight experiences a delay of more than 3 hours upon arrival, you may be eligible to claim flight compensation, potentially up to £520 per passenger!

  • Additionally, if your Kuoni flight is cancelled within 14 days before departure, you have the option to request a full refund of your ticket and flight compensation.

  • European regulations concerning passenger rights extend compensation benefits to flights departing from Europe and those operated by European airlines.

  • In the unfortunate event of a Kuoni flight delay or cancellation, don't hesitate to reach out to Flight-Delayed.co.uk. We're here to assist you in securing the Kuoni flight compensation you rightfully deserve!

Kuoni flight delayed — When can I claim flight compensation 

European regulations, specifically EU261, have clear guidelines for situations where a flight is delayed by more than 3 hours. According to these regulations, passengers should be entitled to flight compensation from the airline. However, it's important to note that flight compensation is conditional. To be eligible:

Your flight must either depart from Europe or be operated by a European airline (further details can be found in the table below).

The airline must be responsible for the delay, meaning it cannot be attributed to a third party or unforeseen circumstances (referred to as 'Extraordinary circumstances').

Type of flightExampleCompensation
Flying with a British carrierTokyo to London with British AirwaysYes
Flying with a EU carrierAmsterdam to London with KLMYes
Flying with a non-UK/non-EU carrier from the UKLondon to Tokyo with Japan AirlinesYes
Flying with a non-UK/non-EU carrier to the UKTokyo to London with Japan AirlinesNo

Kuoni flight delayed?

Check compensation and get up to £520 per passenger!

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Kuoni flight cancelled — Compensation and refund policies according to EU261

If your Kuoni flight has been cancelled, you're presented with various options. You can pursue flight compensation, request a full refund of your ticket, or even explore the possibility of both, depending on specific circumstances. For more details, read on!

Flight compensation for my Kuoni flight cancelled 

In accordance with EU261 regulations, you have the opportunity to claim flight compensation for a Kuoni flight cancellation when the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Your flight either departed from Europe or was operated by a European airline.
  • The airline communicated the cancellation of your flight with less than 14 days' notice.
  • The cancellation occurred due to the airline's fault, and it was not the result of a third party or an unforeseen event (refer to 'extraordinary circumstances').
Cancellation noticeAlternative flightCompensation
Fewer than 7 days in advanceDeparts 1h+ earlier or arrived 2h+ laterYes
7-14 days in advanceDeparts 2h+ earlier or arrived 4h+ laterYes
Fewer than 14 days in advanceNo alternative flight offeredYes + refund

Flight refund for cancelled Kuoni flight

Regardless of the airline you've booked with or your specific flight details, you have the right to a flight refund when your flight is cancelled under the following conditions:

  • The airline provided you with an alternative flight that you chose not to accept, OR,
  • The airline did not offer you an alternative flight.

Was your flight booked with Kuoni cancelled?

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Kuoni flight cancelled — Voucher or refund? 

We strongly advise against accepting vouchers from airlines. When you accept a voucher, you might be limited to using it with the same airline, and it may have an expiration date. Furthermore, in the unfortunate circumstance of the airline encountering financial issues, obtaining a refund could become more challenging.

Flight compensation amount for Kuoni flight delayed or cancelled

The compensation amount depends on the distance of your flight booked with Kuoni. You will receive it per passenger.

Distance of your flightCompensation
Flights shorter than 1,500 kmGet £220 per passenger
Flight between 1,500 and 3,500 kmGet £350 per passenger
Flights of over 1,500 kilometres within the EUGet £350 per passenger
Flights of over 3,500 kilometres outside of the EUGet £520 per passenger

Extraordinary circumstances — can the airline deny me flight compensation?

Unfortunately, yes, it's possible. Even if your flight encountered a delay exceeding 3 hours or was unexpectedly cancelled, the airline may decline compensation, invoking 'extraordinary circumstances.' These are situations where the airline bears no responsibility for the delay, as it arises from a third party or unforeseeable event.

Here are a few instances of the most common extraordinary circumstances under which airlines are within their rights to deny flight compensation:

  • Bad weather conditions, such as thick fog, heavy rain, or thunderstorms.

  • A strike, most often specifically within the aviation industry (for example, a strike of air traffic control workers at a specific airport).

    However, a strike of the airline's crew is not considered an extraordinary circumstance!

  • Political circumstances, such as a terrorist attack or general security risk due to political unrest.

  • Natural disasters, including volcanic eruptions and hurricanes.

  • A collision between the aircraft and birds or other foreign objects.

  • An ill or unruly passenger.

  • Flight delays caused by the airport staff, such as extraordinarily long queues to security checks.

Airlines can wrongly use the excuse of extraordinary circumstances!

Claim with Flight-Delayed.co.uk and we will compare data to make sure you get the money you deserve!

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How long can I claim for my delayed or cancelled Kuoni flight?

The timeframe for starting a claim for your delayed or cancelled Kuoni flight varies on multiple factors, such as the country of departure, the destination, and the airline's country of operation.

For example, if your travel started in the UK, you typically have a window of up to 6 years to claim compensation. In France, this period extends to 5 years, whereas in the Netherlands, it's a shorter duration of 2 years.

How long before I receive my flight compensation for my Kuoni flight? 

In most cases, passengers who submit flight compensation claims through Flight-Delayed.co.uk can anticipate receiving their compensation or refund within a few weeks to a few months. Occasionally, if airlines are uncooperative, the claims processing time might extend by a few weeks or even months.

Regardless of the duration of your claim, please be assured that we remain dedicated to keeping you informed at every stage of the process.

Kuoni flight delayed or cancelled — Should you reach out to the airline or your travel agency?

When confronted with a Kuoni flight delay or cancellation, you have the option of contacting either the airline or Kuoni directly for assistance. Nevertheless, our suggestion is to contemplate enlisting a reliable legal partner to assist you in your pursuit of flight compensation.

This approach can offer you the expertise and support required to adeptly navigate the intricacies of compensation claims, ensuring the safeguarding of your rights as a passenger throughout the entire process.

Choose Flight-Delayed.co.uk, the simplest and fastest path to obtain your flight compensation or refund from the airline!

When you provide the necessary flight details on our website, our experts will take over to handle your claim efficiently. At Flight-Delayed.co.uk, we carefully review your claim, gather all the required documents, communicate with the airline, and, if needed, we're ready to pursue legal action to secure your flight compensation. Plus, it's a 'no win, no fee' approach, so you only pay if we succeed.

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