Swiftair flight delayed or cancelled? Get compensation and a refund!

Stuck at the airport due to a delayed Swiftair flight? Vacation plans ruined since your Swiftair flight was cancelled? If your Swiftair flight was delayed or cancelled, you could be entitled to up to £520 in flight compensation and/or a full refund of your flight ticket!

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Swiftair flight compensation and refund policies

  • Swiftair flight delayed by more than 3 hours? You can get up to £520 in flight compensation!

  • Swiftair flight cancelled? You can be entitled to both compensation AND a ticket refund if the cancellation was announced fewer than 14 days before departure!

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Your passenger rights in the event of a delayed or cancelled Swiftair flight

All Swiftair flights are covered under the European and British air passenger rights regulations. Under certain conditions, you may be entitled to compensation of up to £520 per passenger and a full refund of the ticket price for your Swiftair cancelled flight.

 What do the regulations say exactly?

  • Was your Swiftair flight delayed? If you arrived at your final destination at least 3 hours behind schedule, then you are likely to be entitled to compensation of up to £520 per passenger.

  • Was your Swiftair flight cancelled? If you did not take an alternative flight offered by the airline, you can claim a full monetary refund. Plus, if the Swiftair flight was cancelled fewer than 14 days prior to departure, you might also be entitled to cancelled Swiftair flight compensation.

  • Regardless of why your flight is disrupted, airlines are required to provide special assistance to passengers, known as the "right to care." This assistance includes things like food and drinks vouchers, communication services, and, if needed, help with accommodations and transportation. If the airline's service desk is not providing you with these, you can buy the necessary items yourself, and Swiftair will have to reimburse you for reasonable expenses.

Important Note: If your flight experienced delays or cancellations due to "extraordinary circumstances," you may not be eligible for flight compensation, as the airline must bear responsibility for the flight disruption in order to provide compensation and refund to affected passengers.

Swiftair flight delayed by 3 hours or more?

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Delayed Swiftair flight — get compensation!

If you experienced a Swiftair flight delayed by more than 3 hours, you are entitled to flight compensation. Compensation is only available if the airline is at fault for the delay; if the delay was caused by a third party or by force majeure, compensation is not available (check the “Extraordinary Circumstances” section of this page for more information).

Cancelled Swiftair flight - refund and compensation policies

Depending on the circumstances of your Swiftair flight cancellation, you may be entitled to compensation up to £520, a refund, or both! There are two scenarios.

When can you claim flight compensation for a cancelled Swiftair flight?

According to European flight compensation regulations, you can claim compensation for a Swiftair flight if the cancellation was announced less than 14 days before the departure date.

Just like for Swiftair's delayed flight compensation, Swiftair must be at fault for the cancellation.

When to request a refund for a cancelled Swiftair flight?

There are two scenarios in which you can request a Swiftair refund:

  • if the airline does not provide you with an alternative flight
  • if the airline offers you an alternative flight but you decide not to take it
Cancellation noticeAlternative flightCompensation
Fewer than 7 days in advanceDeparts 1h+ earlier or arrived 2h+ laterYes
7-14 days in advanceDeparts 2h+ earlier or arrived 4h+ laterYes
Fewer than 14 days in advanceNo alternative flight offeredYes + refund

Delayed or cancelled Swiftair flight?

You could get up to £520 in flight compensation!

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Delayed or cancelled flight — how much flight compensation can I claim?

The amount of compensation is calculated according to the distance of your flight:

Distance of your flightCompensation
Flights shorter than 1,500 kmGet £220 per passenger
Flight between 1,500 and 3,500 kmGet £350 per passenger
Flights of over 1,500 kilometres within the EUGet £350 per passenger
Flights of over 3,500 kilometres outside of the EU
Get £520 per passenger

When flying with Swiftair, you generally can get up to £520 as flights from this airline departing from Europe usually travel more than 3,500 kilometres. 

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Extraordinary circumstances — when can Swiftair deny me compensation?

Swiftair may deny flight compensation if the delay or cancellation was caused by a third party or force majeure. These are referred to as extraordinary circumstances.

Some of the most common extraordinary circumstances are as follows:

  • Bad weather conditions, such as thick fog, heavy rain, or thunderstorms.

  • A strike, most often specifically within the aviation industry (for example, a strike of air traffic control workers at a specific airport).

    However, a strike of the airline's crew is not considered an extraordinary circumstance!

  • Political circumstances, such as a terrorist attack or general security risk due to political unrest.

  • Natural disasters, including volcanic eruptions and hurricanes.

  • A collision between the aircraft and birds or other foreign objects.

  • An ill or unruly passenger.

  • Flight delays caused by the airport staff, such as extraordinarily long queues to security checks.

Please keep in mind that airlines sometimes claim that an extraordinary circumstance occurred, even if it was not the case. Carriers do this to try to avoid paying passengers their well-deserved compensation.

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How long do I have to claim my Swiftair flight compensation and refund?

If you departed from the UK, you have 6 years to claim as this is the time limit stated by British law.

However, if you fly with Swiftair from the Netherlands to a destination in Africa, you have 2 years under Dutch law to file a claim for flight compensation.

Are you unsure whether you are still eligible for flight compensation? Check it out in just a few steps with our free Claim Calculator.

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How long will it take for me to receive my Swiftair flight compensation/refund?

Passengers who use Flight-Delayed.co.uk usually receive their flight compensation within a few weeks or months.

If the airline is unresponsive or the claim must be taken to court, however, the wait time could be extended by several months to several years.

If you decide to claim flight compensation with Flight-Delayed.co.uk, our team of experts will contact you to share any developments in your case and will, of course, be available to answer any questions you may have.

How to claim Swiftair flight compensation/refund?

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About Swiftair

Swiftair is a Spanish airline company based in Madrid, Spain. The airline offers both cargo and charter flights between Spain and Europe, as well as to North and West Africa. Related airline can be Level, Vueling, Iberia or Air Nostrum.

Swiftair was established in 1986 and also owns UEP!Fly, a charter airline established in 2021.

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