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Flight delayed or cancelled because of a strike? Claim compensation


Strikes are one of the leading causes of flight delays and cancellations. Industrial action taken by air traffic controllers or ground staff profoundly impacts the workflow of an airport making it impossible to run flight schedules on time. Often, passengers are left stranded, without any information or proper care. 


Your rights as a passenger in case of a strike


If your flight was delayed or cancelled due to a strike, you probably are not entitled to compensation. Under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, passengers have the right to compensation under the following circumstances


  • A delayed flight of three or more hours
  • A cancelled flight
  • In case of an unjustified incident of denied boarding.


However, the regulation also defines exceptions, so-called extraordinary circumstances, under which passengers are not entitled to compensation.  Industrial action in the form of a strike is one of these exceptions. Strikes often involve air traffic controllers or ground personnel, which do not belong to airline staff. Therefore airlines cannot be held accountable and are not obliged to compensate affected passengers.


However, there are some specific situations in which you may be entitled to receive compensation. If the airline’s staff has organised the industrial action in question and it was announced with enough time before it took place, then you might be entitled to compensation.

Right to care


While you may not be entitled to financial compensation, your airline is obliged to provide care in the case of severe delays. Care often includes food & drinks, phone calls as well as overnight accommodation if required. Contact the airline directly or approach a member of staff at the airport to receive assistance.


When am I entitled to compensation due to an industrial action or strike?


If your flight has been delayed or cancelled due to an industrial action organised by an airline’s staff or crew, you may very well be entitled to compensation. Even though it may vary from country to country, you will be entitled to compensation if a judge rules in your favour. So do not hesitate and submit your claim with us. Our team will assess the situation and get back to you with an opinion as soon as possible.


If you’d like us to asses your situation please fill in your flight details in our claim calculator. Almost immediately you will find out if your route allows you to claim for compensation. If you wish to proceed and submit your claim, our team will double check the conditions in which the strike took place and you will hear about our assessment in no time!


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Which types of strikes are there and when am I entitled to compensation?


The most common types of strikes or industrial actions are the following:


  • Air Traffic Control Strike (no compensation)
  • Airport Staff strike (no compensation)
  • Baggage handlers and ground staff strike (no compensation)
  • Wildcat crew strike (no compensation)
  • Wildcat pilot strike (no compensation)
  • Announced pilot strike (Depending on the country of departure and nationality of the airline)
  •  Announced staff strike (Depending on the country of departure and nationality of the airline)


If you’re still in doubt. You can always let us assess your claim and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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