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Was your flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked? You may be entitled to compensation of up to £ 434 per person.

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Legal compensation

Based on European legislation, your rights as an air passenger are protected. Our expert team will assess your legal position and will see to it that you receive the compensation you are legally entitled to. We can assist you with delays, cancellations, missed connections and cases of denied boarding.

No win, no fee

We will only charge a success fee of 25% if we actually succeed at claiming the compensation from the airline. This means you will not be required to pay us anything in advance, even if we have to take legal steps. We will fully cover the risk and legal fees.

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Customer reviews

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Originally I wasn't able to claim for my delayed flight. When a court decision changed this I went straight to Flight-Delayed. I have had this company on my travel show twice in the past and I finally has the opportunity to use them. I wasn't disappointed. It took a while as the airline kept stalling, but we finally got there. All I had to do was fill in a few details. If I'd done the claim on my own I probably would have given up.

I won't lie i was sceptical at how far i would get with this due to the red tape but I didn't have to do anything apart from give my flight details,they did all the rest a fast and reliable company that get you results. Very helpful and great at explaining all details especially as I was out my depth at what my rights we're as a passenger. Would highly recommend . Thank you again

Hi guys, I tried everything to get Emirates to pay compensation for a flight to New Zealand delayed by 25 hours, but because it was booked with Qantas, both airlines said they were not responsible. I turned to you for help, it's been a long haul but finally compensation has been paid out. Thank-you for your excellent service and tenacity, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in the same position as I was .... Tim.

Great service from Flight-Delayed, successful claim which can pay for this years flight. Great service

Still waiting for my money? Got a email in July say it would be 21 working days till I got something. Got a mail on the 19/10/15 asking for bank details and not heard a thing since!!!

Finally got compensation for a delayed Monarch flight (in 2013) thanks to Flight Delayed. Thank you!!!!

Very efficient, painless service and compensation recovered speedily

Delayed for 9 hours on way to New York in June this year. Applied to Flight-Delayed roundabout 16th July, airline requires 6 weeks time to respond. Received my compensation today and would definitely recommend - very quick to reply & keep you updated.

I tried used the service with modest confidence. Worked out. Recommended.

3 of us still waiting very patiently to get some compo. For a journey delayed some 28+hours, almost three years ago, wow, it is taking a very long time for the airline to make up its mind. All in the hands of Flight-delayed though.

Great site with a user friendly platform to allow you to claim compensation from airlines that you're entitled too by EU law!

Flight-Delayed had to enter the legal stage with AirBerlin in order to receive my compensation. AirBerlin was constantly ignoring me and obviously I couldn't help myself. After more than half a year I finally received at least a part of the original compensation. I definitely can recommend you Flight-Delayed.

Good efficient service. Got my compensation with minimum hassle. Would recommend to others.

Great Service! Thank you for all your assistance and successful claim. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Would recommend - got over £1k refund for 3 of us spending over 7 hours delayed in Iceland.

Grandi!!!! ottenuto il risarcimento da volo cancellato che Air France non voleva riconoscere!!!!

Great service. No win no fee. Takes the hassle out of doing it all yourself.

About a year ago my connecting flight from Munich to Wroclaw got cancelled during the connection and I eventually only got rebooked on the 2nd flight on the next day. Every correspondence I had with the airline refused compensation. After I gave up and contacted flight-delayed, within a few months I received the compensation I expected from the airline. ,I will surely recommend their services to whoever has their flight delayed/postponed.

Got delayed from Salou summer of 2013 with BA for 4 hours. My wife, 2 kids and myself were delayed for 4 hours. Read that I may be due some compo and got in touch with this company. Very easy, very professional and 3 months later nearly a grand back in my hip for xmas! Top notch, I would not hesitate to recommend FD. Excellent!!

I can vouch for this company. Very efficient, resilient and determined. A case that was rejected by another company stating that the cancelation of my flight, according to them, was due to exceptional circumstance, was taken up and won by this company. Bravo. Highly recommended. Fast and efficient

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