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Flybe staff fear being unemployed as the airline is rebranded to Virgin Connect

Monday, January 13, 2020

Flybe and all its 75 aircraft will be rebranded into Virgin Connect. Essentially, from 2020 onwards, passengers will be seeing an increasing number of Virgin Connect aeroplanes whilst Flybe liveries will be phased out.

Virgin Connect aims to take over the established Flybe operations and expand the airlines’ regional routes. Virgin Connect will fall under the corporate structure of Connect Airways. The company is partnered with Cyrus Capital Partners, Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group.

What is the rebranded Flybe planning to do?

The British regional airline that will be flying under the Virgin Connect livery from 2020 onwards, is said to scrap jobs at its headquarters in Exeter. An airline representative explained that “Flybe remains committed to fully maintaining its Exeter infrastructure which includes its headquarters, maintenance repair and overhaul facility and training academy”.

Who is affected by the rebranding of Flybe into Virgin Connect?

As announced in 2019, Flybe is set to rebrand into Virgin Connect which is part of the Connect Airways structure. However, some Flybe workers may now fear to lose their jobs as the airline makes changes to its company structure.

Flybe claimed that none of its flight operations staff would be affected which includes pilots, cabin crew and engineers. However, there may be job losses within the management sector of the British regional airline. The airline that is hoping to grow through the rebranding further claimed that “one of the key pillars of this growth is a relentless focus on cost management, making sure that every penny our customers spend travelling with us offers great customer service and real value for money.”

Update: Despite plans to rebrand, speculations of Flybe now in ‘rescue talks’ with even more jobs at risk

After the rebranding news, now more than 2.000 jobs may be at risk as Flybe, which was set to rebrand this month, is claimed to be at the brink of collapse. Flybe clarified saying: "we don't comment on rumour or speculation".

FAQs concerning the rebranding of Flybe into Virgin Connect

Flybe staff fear being unemployed as the airline is rebranded to Virgin Connect

Still not sure what this actually means and how it might affect you if you’re a Flybe frequent flyer? We’ve compiled a list with the most popular FAQs concerning the rebranding of Flybe into Virgin Connect.

Will my flight with Flybe be affected?

The airline has assured passengers that all flights are to operate as normal and are planned to do so for the foreseeable future. This would mean that no flight cancellations will take place.

If you are looking to book new flights with Flybe/Virgin Connect and you are unsure where to book your flights, then we recommend booking flights as per usual, through the Flybe website.

Virgin connect rebranding: Are my passenger rights still protected?

Yes! Your passenger rights are still protected under Regulation EC No 261/2004. The Virgin Group, of which Virgin Connect is a part, is based in the UK. This means that there will be no changes to your passenger rights as the regulation applies to all EU member states.

If you want to know more about the regulation and how it protects your rights as a passenger, then click here.

Delayed or cancelled Flybe flight: When am I entitled to compensation?

If your flight with Flybe has been delayed, cancelled or overbooked, your rights are protected by EC 261/2004. Simply put, in case of long delays (3+ hours) and cancellations, the regulation states that you should be compensated for the time that you’ve lost due to the disruption. If you’ve been bumped off your flight through no fault of your own, primordially because your flight has been overbooked, then you are also entitled to be compensated.

How much compensation can I claim for my disrupted Flybe flight?

If your flight qualifies, the amount you will receive in compensation will depend on the distance covered by your flight. Because Flybe is a regional airline, most of its flights will grant you either 250 or 400 euros. If you were to be on a flight that would cover a distance greater than 3,500 km, then you would be entitled to 600 euros. Here is how the regulation defines it:

  • For all flights covering a distance of up to 1,500 kilometres, you will receive up to €250.00
  • For all flights covering a distance between 1,500 kilometres and 3,500 kilometres, you will receive up to €400.00
  • For flights covering a distance greater than 3,500 kilometres, you are entitled to up to €600.00

Am I entitled to other things apart from compensation if my Flybe flight is delayed or cancelled?

The airline should provide you with proper care in the event of a long delay or flight cancellation. This may include the following:

  • Meals and refreshments
  • Two different occasions in which you are allowed to establish communication with an individual of your choice (calls, emails, etc.)
  • Hotel accommodations if necessary (one or more nights) and transport from the airport to the establishment.

If you have acquired additional expenses because you did not receive the corresponding assistance and/or care, you have the right to be reimbursed. Remember to keep your itemised invoices and receipts. The request for reimbursement may also be attached to your claim for compensation.

Flybe didn't reply to your request or already rejected your claim? We can help you!

Very often, airlines will reject claims without providing sufficient information. Do not despair, you can still submit your claim with Flight-Delayed and send us the airline’s reply. We will corroborate the information and proceed accordingly. Don’t hesitate, exercise your rights!

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