WestJet Strike: Potential Impact on European Flights and Airports

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

KLM’s partner, WestJet, announced flight cancellations due to their technical staff's strike threat. Here’s what passengers should know and do:

WestJet flights cancelled due to staff strike

Unions representing aircraft maintenance and repair workers issued a 72-hour ultimatum to WestJet, demanding a salary increase. They argue that wages for Canadian mechanics should be on par with their counterparts in the United States, where higher wages are paid for the same work. Without a satisfactory response from WestJet, the 680 employees plan on striking. Because of this, on Wednesday, WestJet announced it will cancel at least forty flights throughout the next few days.

Potential impact on WestJet flights in Europe

While WestJet primarily operates flights within Canada, the United States, and Mexico, the carrier also has some routes to Europe. Notably, WestJet has deals with KLM and Air France, which facilitate connecting flights on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to these airlines major connections at Paris Charles de Gaulles, passengers flying through this airport this week should be aware of their options in case their flights are impacted by the WestJet strike.

Check your eligibility to flight compensation

What to do if your WestJet flight is cancelled

If your WestJet flight to or from Europe is cancelled due to the strike, there are several steps you can take to manage the situation effectively and ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to under EU 261 regulations. Under this regulation, you may be entitled to compensation if your flight is cancelled within 14 days of the scheduled departure, provided the cancellation is the airline’s fault.

Flight cancelled due to WestJet strike: Steps to take

1. Check Your Flight Status: Regularly monitor your flight status through WestJet's website or app.

2. Know Your Rights: Read all about your rights as a passenger under EU 261. If your flight is cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation between €250 and €600, depending on the distance of the flight..

3. Keep Records: Be sure to keep proof of all communications with the airline, including emails, messages, screenshots, and receipts for any additional expenses incurred due to the cancellation (e.g., accommodation, meals).

4. File a Claim: If you believe you are entitled to compensation, seek assistance from Flight-Delayed.co.uk to ensure a hassle-free process and handle the paperwork on your behalf.

WestJet strike impacted your flight?

WestJet strike: The takeaways

WestJet's technical staff strike threatens to disrupt thousands of travel plans for the rest of the week. Passengers affected by potential flight cancellations or delays should be proactive in understanding their rights and taking the necessary steps to secure compensation under EU 261.