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Check if you qualify for compensation now in a few simple steps. This assessment is non-committal and free of charge. Afterwards, you can proceed to submit your claim so our team of experts can start working on your case.

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On which flight did the problem occur?

Submit the flight number, the scheduled flight date and the departure and arrival airports. If you booked connecting flight(s), please add this/these by clicking on 'Add connecting flight'. If you were offered any alternative flights, please add these in step 3.

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Which problem did you experience with your flight?

Please select one of the options to indicate what happened. This will be checked for accuracy later on, using our flight data.


Were you offered an alternative or replacement flight?

If you finally flew to your final destination with another flight than the one you booked, please add this flight/these flights here.

Submit the details of the alternative flight(s)

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How many passengers were on your booking?

Everyone who travelled on the same booking can be included on your claim, as each passenger is entitled to compensation.


Did you arrive at your final destination with a delay of at least 3 hours?

In the case of a flight delay, the total delay at the final destination must have been at least 3 hours in order to qualify for compensation.

Please note: connecting flights generally can be taken into account to calculate this delay.


Did you arrive at your final destination with a delay of at least 2 hours?

In the case of a cancellation, passengers must have arrived at their final destination at least 2 hours later than scheduled in order to qualify for compensation.


When were you informed of the cancellation?

In order to determine whether you qualify for compensation we need to know when you were informed of the cancellation.


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