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Vueling strikes at Paris Orly: Flight cancellations and what to do

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Passengers affected by the Vueling strike are entitled to flight compensation up to 600 euros as well as a full refund of their ticket!

Vueling strikes flights cancelled: What you need to know

Over 30% of Vueling’s flights in France on Wednesday and Thursday, May 8th and 9th, due to strikes by Vueling cabin crew based at the Paris Orly Airport. The strike is set to go on until May 12th as the SNPNC-OF union is demanding fair negotiations with management for new agreements.

Vueling cabin crew strike: What options do passengers have?

According to the European Regulations, because the strike is by Vueling’s own personnel, passengers are entitled to up to 600 euros in Vueling flight compensation. Vueling is also legally required to offer refund options, flight transfers, or date changes, as well as the right to care and flight compensation.

Vueling cabin crew strikes: Up to 600 euros in flight compensation!

Passengers whose flights were delayed by 3 or more hours or cancelled because of the Vueling cabin crew strike are entitled to flight compensation between £220s and £520s, depending on the distance of their flights.

Be sure to keep your receipts! According to the right to care, you could claim a Vueling reimbursement of all your unexpected expenses including transportation, accommodation, and food among others.

Not sure how much you’re entitled to? Check your eligibility now for free using our Claim Calculator!

Flight cancelled due to the the Vueling Paris strike?

Claim up to £520s in compensation per passenger as well as a full refund!

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How to claim compensation for a flight cancelled due to the Vueling strike

The easiest and safest way to claim a successful Vueling compensation is through With 15 years of experience, legal teams in 11 European countries, and a 98% success rate in courts, is the best option when it comes to claiming compensation for a delayed or cancelled Vueling flight.

Submit your claim online and in under 5 minutes, and then the process will be completely hassle-free! If Vueling denies your compensation, will take them to court in your name and fight for your rights to the end - all on a no win no fee basis!

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Stay Informed Amid Vueling Strike

Passengers impacted by the Vueling strike in Paris are encouraged to stay up to date with their Vueling flight status and plan accordingly. Whenever possible, passengers with flights delayed over 3 hours or cancelled Vueling flights, should claim compensation and their legally entitled refund!