Cabin crew strike! Lufthansa and Eurowings take action

Monday, June 24, 2019

During the summer holidays, the cabin crew of  Lufthansa, Eurowings and Germanwings will undertake industrial action. This was announced by the German Cabin Crew Union UFO. If the strikes actually occur and flights are cancelled, hundreds of thousands of passengers may be affected all over Europe.

Why are the strikes happening: Lufthansa Group’s salary policies

Lufthansa and the worker’s representatives have not been in agreement regarding the remuneration of the airline's cabin crew for some years now. The current conflict now focuses mainly on Eurowings, which is a low-cost subsidiary. The trade union wants the remuneration policy to be determined on a group-wide basis. In March, the union announced strikes for the summer if there was no solution. Lufthansa did not comply.

When is the Lufthansa industrial action taking place? No concrete plans yet

Cabin Crew Strike Eurowings Lufthansa

The cabin crew of Eurowings and Germanwings are permitted to express the possibility of a strike immediately. However, at Lufthansa this is only allowed a few weeks in advance, which forces the union to organise and plan ahead before they can announce the strike. Once the timing has been agreed, UFO will be able to publish concrete strike plans.

Strikes by Lufthansa and Eurowings cabin crew: am I entitled to compensation?

In the event of a strike, you, as a passenger, can certainly enforce your passenger rights. You just need to know exactly what you are entitled to and we can help you with that. Your right to compensation in the event of a strike depends on which party has ceased operations. More information about passenger rights in the event of strikes.

If your flight was delayed or cancelled as a result of a strike and you want to know immediately whether you are entitled to claim compensation, you can check your flight quickly, free of charge and without obligation with our claim calculator. If you decide to submit a claim with, we’ll manage your claim and fact-check the airline every step of the way. All under our no-win no-fee policy, That means you’ll only pay our 25% win fee if we actually succeed at claiming your compensation. It’s always 25%, even if we go to court!

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