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IAG makes a profit despite a tough first quarter for airlines

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The International Airline Group, owner of British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus, has managed to stay in the green numbers during the first quarter of 2019. An impressive feat considering that other major European airlines did not. Both Lufthansa and KLM-Air France reported operational losses.

How much money did IAG make in the first quarter of 2019?

The corporation reported the profits to be around 135 million euros. Even though they managed to turn a profit, these are not great news. The profit made during the same period in 2018 amounted to 340 million euros. It’s a hard blow to the group due to the fact that they saw their revenue by passenger increase by 5.9% compared to last year. Higher fuel and operational costs are blamed for the decrease in profit. Their competitors fared way worse, however.

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How much money did KLM-Air France lose in the first quarter of 2019?

The consortium has declared a net loss of 303 million euros. And, exactly like IAG, they’ve pointed their fingers to fuel costs as the main culprit responsible for the losses. However, the group saw a 2% decrease in revenue per passenger. Making matters worse than what was expected.

It’s notable that jet fuel prices have matched the ones observed during 2015. That means that they have increased  by almost 100% since January 2016. The steadfast increase has made it more and more difficult for European airlines to remain profitable.

What about my passenger rights when flying with KLM-Air France or an IAG airline?

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