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Lower passenger growth for Ryanair in 2018

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

In 2018, Ryanair recorded a passenger growth of 8 percent, which is lower than the year before. The lower increase is the result of cabin crew and staff strikes during  2018. In said  year, 139.2 million passengers travelled with the low cost airline. The company achieved an occupancy rate of 96 percent.

Industrial action for better working conditions affected Ryanair

Ryanair's lower growth is due to strikes by Ryanair personnel in several European countries. The pilots and the cabin crew left work several times in 2018 to argue for better working conditions. The countries in which said actions took place include: Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Base at Eindhoven Airport closed

Ryanair's total passengers 2018

In addition to the industrial actions, the budget airline also decided to close the base at Eindhoven Airport, something that did not happen without controversy. A  judge in the Netherlands ruled that the airline could not force sixteen Dutch pilots to go to another base and Ryanair had to keep the pilots in service.

Deteriorating customer service?

The airline was ranked again as the worst airline in Europe. Passengers pointer to their inefficient customer service as one of its worst aspects.

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