Free Baggage Allowance

Wondering how much baggage you can carry free of charge in your airlines?

Whether you’re on a short business trip or a long vacation, baggage constitutes an important part of all your travel journeys. You just can’t do without certain necessary items. However, different people have different packing habits. Where someone can be happy with carrying just the essentials, some people just can’t leave anything behind.

Travel Light- as much as possible!

We do commonly hear “it is good to travel light”, but it seems that some of the major airlines take this phrase way too seriously! It’s also an avenue for most low frill airlines to make that extra bit of the profit.

The rules for hand luggage or cabin baggage allowance varies across different airlines. In contrast to a few years ago, most airlines (barring a few) are now strictly applying the “ one hand baggage only policy” whereby they don’t consider a laptop bag or a camera bag as a separate item. For any additional item you bring forth with you, you will now have to pay an additional fee.

What hand luggage can you take?

There are also strict rules about the dimensions of the baggage you’re carrying with you. For instance if the officials at the airport sense a discrepancy, they can inspect the dimensions; and if found extra, make you to pay for it too! Carrying the proper luggage is therefore more important than ever at the current times to have a stress free flying experience.

Examples of hand luggage include backpacks, handbag trolleys, laptop bags and camera bags.

“We have compiled a list of the baggage policy for major UK based airlines!”

Free baggage allowance in major UK based airlines






British Airways





40x20x25 cm

56x45x25 cm (w+h)

40x30x20 cm

55x40x20 cm


55x35x20 cm (w+h) and laptop bag

55x40x23cm + 25x33x20 cm

56cm x 45cm x 25cm (w+h)




10 kg

10 kg

23 kg

10 kg (combined)

10 kg (combined)

10 kg


40 x 30 x 15cm


23 kg

Additional baggage comes with additional charge.How to save?

However, if you feel that the free luggage allowance is just not enough to fit all the items you need to carry, then most airlines also offer the option of bringing in additional baggage with an additional charge.

This could be calculated per kg or per piece (depending on the airline). However, if you need to absolutely take that extra piece of items with you, it is normally cheaper to buy extra luggage online on the airline website rather than at the airport.

Another feasible yet cheaper option (if you have more time) is to simply ship your suitcase. Although it requires an extra effort, it will definitely help you save some bucks!

Airline Baggage rules to keep in mind while travelling

  • For security reasons, it is important to respect the size allowance at all times. If your baggage exceeds this allowance, it must be checked in at an additional cost.

  • As there is limited space available in the overhead lockers, if your bag does not fit in the cabin, the airlines can take it down to the cargo hold (even if it complies with the size allowance) at no extra cost to you.

  • Lithium ion batteries exceeding a watt-hour rating of 100 Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh may be carried as spare batteries or in equipment in cabin baggage only

  • Portable electronic devices powered by fuel cells such as cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers and camcorders are permitted in carry-on baggage only.

  • You can carry liquids inside your hand luggage in containers of less than 100 ml (up to 1 litre). They must be carried in a resealable, transparent plastic bag, and only one bag is allowed per passenger.

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