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Top 6 things to do to avoid long lines at the airport this summer

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

This summer season will be especially busy and unpredictable for passengers — due to staff shortages both at airports and airlines, passengers often have to spend hours waiting in lines to security. And sometimes flight get cancelled last minute, too!

How to avoid those long lines at airports and make your trip at least a bit more comfortable? We share a few tips below!

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1. Check in online to avoid long lines at the airport

Online check-in is one of the fastest ways to avoid long lines at airports. You will be one step ahead when going to the airport when checking in online!

Extra tip: Try to travel only with hand luggage! You won’t have to worry about dropping off your luggage and avoid long lines at the airport departure hall.

2. Don’t go to the airport too early to avoid long lines

Schiphol queue June 2022

When long lines are expected at airports, we tend to go even earlier so as not to miss our flight. This instinct is counterproductive.

Considering the recent long lines at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the airport asked all passengers not to come to the airport earlier than 4 hours before their flight. All passengers arriving earlier than this will have to wait outside the airport.

By doing this, the Amsterdam Airport is trying to avoid long lines by regulating traffic and making sure only the rightful passengers are currently queueing for security.

3. Check your flight status before going to the airport

Speaking of not going to the airport too early — a good way to know when to leave for the airport is to check the status of your flight before leaving. Due to long lines at airports security and check-in, there is a chance your flight might be delayed, postponed or even cancelled.

If you see that your flight is postponed or cancelled, there is no need to go to the airport; you will then avoid long lines at check-in or security. You will also probably ease the situation for other passengers by not taking a spot in the line!

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4. Don’t go to the airport on peak days to avoid unnecessary long lines

If you are lucky to be flexible on your departure and/or arrival dates, try as much as possible to avoid going to the airport on peak days. You will avoid long lines and have a better experience.

Airports like Amsterdam Schiphol already shared the peak days with airlines — chances are high that your summer flight will be postponed for the less busy days without you having to do anything.

5. Upgrade your flight to get priority lane access — a paid option to avoid long lines at the airport

Passengers with first or business-class tickets have priority access to security and boarding lanes.

Those tickets can be expensive, but if you look for an upgrade at the last minute, the airline usually reduces their price — you can get an upgrade to business or first class for £50!

6. Get a security fast lane pass — less expensive than a first-class ticket

Another paid option is to pay for a security fast lane pass. Those can be pretty inexpensive; some airports sell them for less than £10 per person. You can avoid long lines with this pass by going straight to the security gates.

6 bis. Amsterdam Schiphol’s specifics: avoid long lines with checked baggage!

We mentioned earlier that travelling with hand luggage is better to avoid long lines at the airport. However, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport shared other instructions.

Long lines at Schiphol are due to staff shortages at security. There are, so far, no long lines for baggage check-in with airlines. Passengers with checked baggage will spend less time at security and ease the long lines at the airport.

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