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Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air: how to save money when flying low cost

Friday, August 9, 2019

You bought your ticket for an amazing price. However, you may still be on your way to spending a considerable amount of money. The same low-cost airlines are counting on it. In recent months, Ryanair has managed to cover its losses generated by selling very cheap flights through onboard sales. Not only that, it is with the extra charges that they have become very profitable. These airlines are well-oiled machines designed to get every single pound out of your pocket.

Tips for continuing to save money when flying with low-cost airlines


Today, Ryanair is the first, or second because it is not yet very clear, European airline in terms of the number of passengers carried. EasyJet is considered by many to be the standard of cheap air transport as one does not suffer much when flying with them. Finally, Wizz Air continues to grow in the European market.

Low-cost airlines have changed the way people fly around the world, excluding in Latin America. However, with the services and products available during and after making the booking, tickets can reach the same prices as the more traditional companies. However, with a little care for the latest hand luggage rules - and not getting caught in the traps of marketing departments - it is still possible to travel cheaply and simply pay for what we really need.

Here are the secrets from to continue saving with the cheapest companies in the European market; and if you have any suggestions, write us on Facebook and we will add the best recommendations to our list.

You have to be up to date with the rules regarding the luggage allowance when flying low-cost

The first rule is to know the baggage rules. If you want to check in luggage, book before arriving at the airport. You will save a lot of money compared to buying the service at the check-in counter. Also, regardless of what you bring with you and if you’ve checked your baggage or not, easyJet will charge you 15 euros for each kilo of overweight.


40x20x25 cm – Free

40x20x25 cm + 55x40x20 cm (max 10kg) + priority boarding – £6

1 piece of checked luggage up to 10 kg - from £10 to £25*


56x45x25 cm – Free

56x45x25 cm + 45x36x20 cm – Included in their priority program (Flexi)

1 piece of checked luggage up to15 kg – from £6.99 to £34.99*

Wizz Air

40x30x20 cm – Free

55x40x23 cm Included in their priority program (Wizz priority)

1 piece of checked luggage up to15 kg – from £9 to £27*


55x40x20 cm + small bag 35x20x20 cm – Free

1 piece of checked luggage from 15kg up to 30 kg – €8 up to €25*

*The minimum cost of checked baggage varies by route, time of year and time of booking.

Know the seat assignment policy

First things first: avoid paying extra fees to select your seat if you don't have special needs. Low-cost seats are assigned when you check in if you haven't previously reserved a seat. Ryanair states that it assigns seats randomly and not according to the airfare paid. On the other hand, if you reserve a specific adult seat, you can reserve a child seat for free. When flying in a class other than economy, Ryanair will also charge you for the child seat. Wizz Air only guarantees that children under the age of 14 will sit next to an adult on the same reservation. EasyJet opens check-in 30 days before departure, so set an alarm clock to choose your seat as soon as possible.

Always check in online!

This is very important. Ryanair charges €55 to check in at the airport, there are exceptions depending on the chosen class. Wizz Air charges €30.

Download the airline’s app

Makes the whole procedure simpler and safer. The application will keep you up to date on the opening of online check-in, you will be able to store boarding passes in an orderly manner and also the airline's communications. It allows you to check information such as timetables, seat assignments and more. Generally, you will have access to discounts and prices tend to be cheaper if you make the purchase or reservation through the app.

Avoid purchasing meals or products onboard

To be honest, even buying food and beverages at the airport can increase your costs exponentially. You can bring snachs or sandwiches from home, being careful not to carry liquids with you (so forget for a few hours about spreads, jams, but also canned tuna, yoghurt and the like). Professional advice: you can take an empty bottle and fill it with water after going through security.

Duty-Free: tax-free shopping

Okay, if you can't resist the urge to buy something, then go for duty-free. Especially if you are travelling to countries with a high cost of living. It's even more convenient to buy duty-free snachs, sunscreen, objects to kill time on board, etc. The purchases in these stores are seen as exceptions to the baggage policies so you have a little extra storage space. If you've brought something small from home but it doesn't fit in your carry-on luggage, you can always put it in the duty-free bag!

Print your boarding pass or make sure your mobile is sufficiently charged.

You never know. Your mobile could leave you hanging without warning (we're talking about you iPhone when you turn off without warning even though you still have a charge of 20%). If this happens to you while travelling with Ryanair, the airline will charge you 20 pounds for printing a new boarding pass at the airport.

How to save money with low cost airlines

Choose wisely when buying priority boarding or other add-ons

Travel insurance appears to be designed to avoid paying the customer under any circumstances or to make the traveller desist from claiming compensation. Ryanair's priority boarding does not seem to be as efficient and, above all, does not seem to be worth the necessary additional sterling. If you are still interested in flying more comfortably, the EasyJet program has more supporters. In addition, the orange airline offers the possibility of checking hand luggage, paying 7 or 16 pounds (7.60 euros or 17.30 euros for groups of 3 to 6 people). They call it travelling hands-free and it means you can travel without worrying about your hand luggage. The airline ensures that the first checked bags will be the first to be placed on the luggage belt upon arrival at your destination. Wizz Air, for its part, offers several discounts when subscribing to the annual card for a cost of 29 euros, which is also interesting for those who do not travel very often. In any case, choose carefully between the different options to get the maximum benefit for your cash.

Keep copies of your travel documents

The best way to save a little money is to receive a refund of what you paid for your flight or receive compensation if your flight has been disrupted. The former happens if your flight has been cancelled and you decided not to fly with the airline after all (you may also be entitled to compensation). The latter, if your flight has been delayed and you have arrived more than 3 hours late at your final destination. Learn more about your rights as an air passenger and, if you want Flight-Delayed to claim your compensation, check if you are entitled to receive compensation for your flight cancellation or delay:

Check my flight

To recap, these are our tips for you to spend as little money as possible when flying with low-cost airlines:

  • Get to know the baggage rules as they can charge you quite a lot for overweight or for checking your luggage.
  • Learn about the seat assignment policy
  • Always check-in online
  • Avoid shopping on board
  • If you must buy something, look for the duty-free
  • Print your boarding pass (or secure access to the digital version)
  • Choose the priority scheme that suits you best
  • Keep copies of your travel documents and claim compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

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