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UK flights cancelled due to snowfall. Are passengers entitled to compensation?

Monday, December 12, 2022

Snow has blanketed the United Kingdom, delighting many in a holiday mood. Unfortunately, for travellers on Sunday and Monday, this has caused massive delays regarding public transit and at airports. The chaos ensued has affected over 100 flights at multiple airports, with more anticipated disruptions.

Are passengers entitled to compensation?

Numerous flights in the UK were cancelled yesterday and today as a result of the heavy snowfall. As the situation is still developing, the precise number of cancelled flights is unknown, however, there have already been over 100 impacted flights.

As a result of the snowfall, passengers may be wondering if they are entitled to compensation. Passengers need to understand their rights in these situations.

In general, airlines are not required to compensate passengers for flight cancellations due to weather conditions, such as snowfall. This is because weather conditions are considered an "extraordinary circumstance," which exempts the airline from liability as they are not to blame for the disruption.

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Passengers' rights in case of flight cancellations

However, passengers do have certain rights when their flights are cancelled. For example, passengers are entitled to a refund if they were not offered an alternative flight or if they choose not to fly with the airline again.

Furthermore, passengers may be entitled to care from the airline, such as meals and accommodation, if their flight is cancelled. This is particularly important for passengers who are stranded in a foreign country as a result of a flight cancellation.

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