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Delay at Schiphol Airport due to false hijacking alarm at Air Europa

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The hijacking alarm that was activated in the evening of the 6th November on board an Air Europa aircraft at Schiphol, turned out to be a false alarm. As a result, the protocol thata applies to hijacks at airports was put into effect. Decisively, the 27 passengers were disembarked together with the crew and the flight was delayed. Because of this incident, other flights were also delayed.

Why was the hijacking alarm activated?

False Hijack alarm at Schiphol Airport from an Air Europa flight

The incident was caused by an accidental action taken by the Air Europa crew. A report before departure is usually made by pressing certain codes; according to a source, the captain wanted to 'explain to a trainee what all the codes mean', this led to the code for reporting a hijack being punched in by mistake.

What Air Europa says of the false alarm at Schiphol airport

Air Europa reported that nothing happened and that all passengers were safe. The airline also apologised for the incident via Twitter. "We are sorry” the airline explained on Twitter.

Delay of flight UX1094 from Amsterdam to Madrid

The false hijacking alarm took place on board of Air Europa flight UX1094 scheduled to fly from Amsterdam to Madrid. The flight departed 4 hours and 18 minutes later than planned and finally arrived in Madrid 3 hours and 57 minutes later than expected.

Am I entitled to compensation for this delay?

Were you one of the passengers who flew from Amsterdam to Madrid on 6th November on flight UX1094? Then you may be entitled to compensation! The flight arrived in Madrid, its final destination, with a delay of more than 3 hours which makes you eligible for claiming compensation under regulation EC 261/2004. Do you want to check if you are entitled to compensation for the delay of your flight? Use our claim calculator and you’ll find out if you can claim in a jiffy.

Air Europa flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked?

Have you recently travelled on Air Europa and your flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked? You may be entitled to compensation. Find out if you can submit a claim with our claim calculator. You can then choose to let us handle the case for you under our no win, no fee policy. This means that you only pay our 25% win-fee if we successfully claim your compensation, legal costs included!

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