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SAS pilots' industrial action, all the information you need

Friday, April 26, 2019

After trying to reach an agreement with the airline, SAS Pilot Trade Union Group walked out today, April 26, in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. SPG (SAS Pilot Group) reports that the talks between the pilots and the airline about better working conditions have completely collapsed. The group acts on behalf of almost 1,500 pilots. Around 95% of the captains in charge of operating their Scandinavian routes.

Why are the SAS pilots on strike?

According to Torbjörn Granevärn, chief negotiator of the Swedish Confederation of Transport, the pilots are asking for a 15% wage increase. Granevärn has announced that SAS pilots earn an average of 93,000 Swedish crowns (8,900 euros) per month. According to the SAS pilots, the wage increase is in line with market developments. However, Granevärn is of the opinion that this wage increase would jeopardise the airline's survival.

SAS pilot strike claim compensation

Has my flight been affected by the strike?

You can check all SAS flights affected by the industrial action. The airline stated that it had to cancel 673 flights thus affecting around 100,000 passengers. If your flight has been affected, you must be offered a replacement booking that will take you to your final destination or offered a full refund of your ticket’s price. However, that would mean that you would now be responsible for arranging a suitable method of transportation for yourself.

You can also check a list of flights guaranteed to operate.

More information about the SPG trade union

SPG, the pilots' union of SAS Scandinavian Airlines consists of pilots' unions DPF (Danish Pilot Association), NSF (Norwegian SAS Flyers Association) and SNF (Scandinavian Norway Flygeforening). As stated above, 95% of all SAS pilots are members of this union.

Am I entitled to compensation if my flight has been affected by the strike?

Due to the complexity of these issues, it’s better if our team of experts assesses your case specifically. You can check your flight for free with our claim calculator and submit your claim under our no-win, no-fee basis. If you decide to do so, our team will have an in-depth look at the court cases and determine the best approach to get your claim paid out. If we decide that we can’t proceed, or if legal precedent is set in favour of the airlines, we’ll close your case free of charge. Don't let the airline get away with it, we'll help you enforce your rights!

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