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Ryanair fires the crew that took viral protest photo

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ryanair has fired six workers who previously distributed a photograph in which the crew appeared sleeping on the ground at Malaga airport. According to Ryanair, this is a fake photograph and the workers were fired for "misconduct". The photo, which was shared thousands of times on social networks, made it look like Ryanair's crew would have to spend the whole night on the ground. However, the crew were able to sleep in the airport waiting room.

Ryanair crew and passengers did not receive accommodations after the cancellation of their flights

The viral photo caused a lot of shock and damage to the airline's reputation. This has been the main reason for the dismissal of the workers according to Ryanair. It seems somewhat counterproductive since the airline's reputation has suffered severe blows over the past year. Especially when it comes to the rights and conditions of its workers. Something Ryanair has been struggling with for some time, as the airline continues to be under scrutiny due to the poor working conditions that have led to several strikes this year. These strikes have caused thousands of delays and cancellations.

Ryanair fires crew

More problems for Ryanair

Ryanair seems determined to keep its customers from thinking favourably of the company. Adding to the problems the strikes caused, the new carry-on policy has also caused great discontent among its customers.

Although Ryanair lost first place on the list of Europe's largest airlines last year, flight cancellations are expected not to have damaged its schedule enough in 2018 and so it will return to position number one. Overthrowing Lufthansa Group and regaining the title of Europe's largest airline.

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