Who needs a suitcase when you can just go ahead and wear everything?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Il bagaglio costa troppo? La pazza idea di un passeggero di indossare tutti i vestiti della propria valigia

Think baggage costs too much? Well so does the guy who wore all his clothes instead of putting these in a suitcase. Upon realising that his ticket did not include a free piece of check-in luggage, Ryan Williams opted for the next best thing; to wear the eights pairs of pants and 10 shirts he packed all at once. While this might seems like a great idea, after reading this article, you will immediately change your mind.

With the increased prices for hold baggage and the new weight/measurement restrictions that many low cost airlines are applying, the British passenger thought he could save a few Pounds by donning all of this clothes and forgoing the costs altogether. Sadly, he was then denied boarding on his British Airways flight from Reykjavík to London Heathrow. The ground crew clearly noticed that something was off and didn’t let the man fly that day.

If you thought that was the end of the story, then you would be mistaken. The following day he gave it another try, this time with easyJet. However, this adventure didn’t have a happy ending either. Having reached the boarding gate, easyJet’s staff was made aware of the previous day’s ongoings and once again denied the man access to the flight.

Only on the third attempt, and having left some extra clothes behind, did our protagonist manage to return home with Norwegian Airlines. After sharing his anecdotes on social media, Ryan confirmed that he had received reimbursement for the two unused tickets. Third time’s the charm never sounded more appropriate!