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UK court extends passenger rights in case of missed connections

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Passengers of non-EU carriers who miss their connecting flight due to the first flight’s delay will continue to be able to file a claim for compensation, following a court ruling last week.

Emirates namely lost a legal case concerning this matter. Following the intervention of the Civil Aviation Authority, the Court of Appeals ruled in favour of the passengers.

What this basically implies is that if a flight departing from the EU is delayed, even if less than 3 hours, and the passenger subsequently misses their connecting flight, compensation is due. Even if the latter flight takes place outside of the EU.  The new ruling thus bolsters the already standing laws regarding EU compensation and the applicable realms.

Emirates, in a statement, expressed their disappointment at the ruling and is currently seeking legal advice to explore its options. Likewise, the airline reaffirmed its commitment to the fulfilment of all legal requirements established in the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

Andrew Haines, the director of the CAA, states: “The Court of Appeal’s ruling could not be clearer and is fantastic news for passengers, who can now demand airlines pay them the compensation they are entitled to when they miss a connecting flight”.