Rise for the Uber of the Skies

Friday, July 8, 2016

Pilot and passenger on a private plane
US: The modern age demands that we either spend most of our time at work or on the way to work. Things like Uber and car sharing services can save people time and money when travelling on land but what about travelling through the skies?
If only there was some form of development in the air travel industry that could save passengers money and time.
Well fear not, the Americans have something in the offering. RISE claims to be the next generation of air travel. A generation of travel without queues. They also claim they can save you money in the process.
Air travel is still expensive and for those who travel regularly, it can cost an arm or a leg just to conduct business. This is where RISE enters. With their monthly membership fee, they look to curb rising prices and shuttle business travellers to and from where they need to be.
Those amongst us who are a little sceptical about such a venture can allay their fears with a quick visit to their website. where you will be able to make a quick estimation of how much time and money you would save by using such a service.
For a test run, I hit the website and pretended I was busier than I am.
For the purpose of this exercise, the much busier version of myself fly’s 5 times a week, RISE reckons I am losing 30 hours a month due to security, parking and general queuing. Their estimation also shows that if I am to travel alone for business purposes to various US regions and book my flights 1-2 weeks before departure then i will save $15,450 a month.
As of yet there is nothing similar in Europe but if RISE truly takes of in the US, then there should be no reason why we won't see a similar service operating in European skies soon.