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Top Tips for waiting out a flight delay

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Flight delays happen every day, right? The most annoying thing about delays is probably the wait that comes with it. So how do we actually manage to pass the time whilst we wait for a delayed flight? Here are some awesome tips that can help you get through that long waiting period. Some of them are more creative than you think!

Spend some of that holiday money!

1. Take a trip to Dutyfree

Dutyfree may seem like an obvious tip and is probably one of the first places that may come to mind when waiting out a delay. However, it actually is the one place that exists at nearly every airport and that sometime has great bargains and reductions on offer. Occasionally, these offers are so low that its almost impossible not to make use of them.

2. Enjoy some fancy food at an airport restaurant

Sometimes, when your flight is delayed then the time might be right to test out a fancy restaurant at the airport terminal. Often, airports will have restaurants that aren’t very frequented or well-known. These are often better than your usual franchise Restaurants. Indulging in delicious fish or other exquisite cuisine will for sure make the waiting time worth it!

Eating good food may make time pass quicker

3. Visit a book store and buy a new book

Who doesn’t love reading? A really good book can make hours pass like minutes. Almost all airports have bookstores that serve one purpose only: to let you find your perfect book that will make waiting a lot easier. The great thing about these airport bookstores is that you will be able to find almost any book that your heart desires because of their great choice not only in books but also in magazines.

Take some ‘me’ time

4. Try to access a lounge

Sometimes an airline will offer their delayed passengers access to their lounge. If you are lucky to have this opportunity then make the most of it because they offer free food and drinks as well as comfortable seats. You can also enjoy space and quiet away from all the stress and busy-ness an airport brings with it. What is better than that when you’re waiting for a delayed flight?

5. Chill and take a nap

Sometimes when you go on holiday all you need is rest. Now, if your flight is delayed you usually only want to get away from everything and to your holiday destination as soon as you can. If do find yourself stuck at an airport with a delayed flight then what better time than to take a nap! That way you can start into your holiday refreshed and have managed to use the delayed time to your advantage.

Put your feet up if your flight is delayed

6. Go on a shopping spree!

Often airports have long corridors where one shop follows another. This may be the perfect opportunity for you to make any last minute holiday purchases, whether that may be the swimsuit you forgot to pack or the sunglasses that look super cool on you! Shopping is definitely the answer to everything so of course it had to be included in one of our tips for waiting out a flight delay.

7. Get a beauty treatment or a haircut

Ever felt like you haven’t had enough time to prepare for a holiday? Haven’t had time to get that haircut or have those nails painted? Some airports have salons and barbers that are catered to all your needs and will fulfil all your last minute holiday prep wishes. So now that you didn’t have time to do this before you left to the airport you are able to use the delayed flight to your advantage!

8. Catch up on your favourite TV show

If you have an iPad or Laptop with you or even a phone that has internet access, then you can pass the time easily by catching up on your favourite shows and characters. Most airports offer a few hours of free Wi-Fi so that you are almost always able to enjoy the luxury of this for free!

Know your passenger rights in the event of a flight delay or cancellation

Did you know that you are entitled to compensation if your flight is delayed or gets cancelled? 85% of people who are entitled to compensation do not claim! At our mission is to help delayed passengers and ensure they are treated fairly by their airlines, even taking legal action when necessary. If you have been delayed within the last 6 years and would like to check to see if you are entitled to compensation, you can use our free flight checker to find out if you can file in a claim with us. We’ll claim your compensation under a no win no fee agreement and the best of all is that our 25% win fee covers all possible legal costs associated with claiming your compensation. Check your flight and enforce your rights!

Check my flight

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