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About to file an airline complaint? Did you know you could get money from an airline complaint if your flight was delayed or cancelled? Continue reading to get all of our experts’ advice on how to properly make a complaint with an airline.

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Airline complaint — here’s what you should know

  • If your flight is delayed, you can file an airline complaint and get up to £520 per passenger!

  • Cancelled flight? File a complaint to get compensation! In some circumstances, you can also claim a ticket refund.

  • If your baggage was lost, you can complain to the airline after 21 days.

  • helps passengers in solving airline complaints related to delays and cancellations! Put your claim in good hands and get up to £520 per passenger!

How to deal with different airline complaints

When travelling, there are always some unexpected events that could impact your trip. Many of these are the airline’s fault: in such a case you have the right to file a complaint with the airline. Let’s review the most common airline complaints reasons.

Please keep in mind that the laws explained on this page relate to flights with British and EU airlines and to flights on non-European airlines arriving in the UK or the EU.

Submitting an airline complaint about flight delays

If your flight was delayed due to the airline's fault, you can file a complaint and claim flight compensation up to £520 per passenger. You are entitled to this flight compensation if your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours.

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Filing an airline complaint about flight cancellations

If your flight was cancelled, you can file a complaint and claim flight compensation and/or ticket refund.

According to the British and EU Regulations, you could be entitled to flight compensation up to £520 if your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure. Airline must be the party responsible for the cancellation.

In the event of a cancelled flight, you can also file a ticket refund request. The airline will have to refund your ticket price if they did not offer you an alternative flight or if you declined their offer of an alternative flight.

Filing an airline complaint about flight overbooking

If you were denied boarding due to overbooking, you can file a complaint and claim flight compensation.

Flight compensation will be awarded to you if the airline failed to put you on another flight or they did rebook you but you ended up arriving at your destination at least 3 hours later than originally scheduled.

Making an airline complaint about lost baggage

There are 3 reasons why your baggage didn’t appear on the airport carousel in time:

  • Your suitcase might be a bit delayed. Usually delayed baggage is found within a few days. In the meantime, you can buy essential items and get reimbursed by the airline.

  • If your suitcase is still missing after a short while, the airline will search for it. If you're still travelling, you can buy what you need and get reimbursed. Don’t forget to keep the receipts!

  • If your suitcase is not found after 21 days, it's officially considered lost. You can claim up to €1550. The compensation depends either on the value inside of the suitcase (if you can prove it) or on its weight.

You should contact the airline directly if your suitcase was lost.

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Frequently Asked Questions about airline complaints

Can I get money for my airline complaint?

Absolutely! If your complaint is about a flight that was delayed by more than 3 hours or was cancelled at the last minute, you might be able to get some money back. In those situations, airlines have to respect the European regulations EU261 (and its British equivalent) protecting air passenger rights. Those regulations state that if the airline was responsible for the disruption, they have to pay compensation to passengers. The amount of the compensation depends on the distance of your flight.

Do I need insurance to make a complaint about an airline?

No! Flight compensation is your right as a passenger under British and European Regulations. If your flight meets the criteria, whether it's delayed, cancelled, or overbooked, you're entitled to compensation, no matter if you took insurance.

How long can I make a complaint for my flight being delayed or cancelled?

The deadline to claim compensation varies based on your flight's route. If you were flying to or from the UK, you have 6 years to file your airline complaint.

How much money can I receive with my complaint for flight disruption?

If your flight qualifies for compensation, the money you receive depends on your flight's distance. It starts at £220 and goes up to £520 for longer flights. Check your flight now to find out exactly what you're owed!

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How much time does it take to receive compensation after I make a complaint?

With, your compensation usually arrives within weeks to a few months. It depends on the airline's reactivity. Sometimes, if the airline is difficult and uncooperative, the waiting period might be longer. However, when you file a complaint with, we take care of the whole process for you, no matter how long it takes. We have been helping travellers like you for nearly 15 years and in this time claimed compensation for more than a million passengers.

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