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Flights cancelled and delayed due to Brussels Airlines strike of March 27th - 30th: Claim flight compensation

Thursday, March 21, 2024

With a rise in airline strikes across Europe, Brussels Airlines has been postponing a strike that will now happen between March 27th and 30th, inconveniencing passengers right before the Easter holidays.

The Brussels Airlines Strike: Pilots and cabin crew

Originally set for March 23rd, the Brussels Airlines strike is now set between March 27th and 30th. Brussels Airlines pilots and cabin crew are striking, demanding better working conditions and salary improvements following the airline's record profits in 2023. The airline and the BBTK union are still unable to reach an agreement. Brussels Airlines’ March 2024 strike promises to be even larger than their last strike, in February 2024, which caused one third of their flights to be cancelled.

What to do if my Brussels Airlines flight was cancelled because of the strike?

If offered alternative flights, affected passengers would be rescheduled on other flights, possibly on different days and with extra layovers. Do remember, passengers within the European Union have their rights protected by the EU 261 and are eligible for compensation for flights delayed or cancelled due to the Brussels Airlines pilot strike.With the BBTK union threatening monthly Brussels Airlines strikes if their demands are not met, affected passengers should seek alternative travel arrangements and claim flight compensation as soon as possible. Compensation ranges between £220 and £520 per passenger.

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Flight cancelled or delayed due to the Brussels Airlines strike?

Claim compensation up to £520 per passenger!

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Flight cancelled because of the Brussel Airlines pilots strike? Claim compensation

Because it is Brussels Airlines’ own staff who are striking, it is not considered an extraordinary circumstance, and you therefore are 100% eligible for compensation. If your Brussels Airlines flight was cancelled due to the strike, you have the right to compensation if you were informed of the cancellation less than 2 weeks before your flight and you choose not to accept the alternative flight offered. If no alternative flight is offered at all, you have the right to compensation as well as a refund. See the table below for more details.

Cancellation noticeAlternative flightCompensation
Fewer than 7 days in advanceDeparts 1h+ earlier or arrived 2h+ laterYes
7-14 days in advanceDeparts 2h+ earlier or arrived 4h+ laterYes
Fewer than 14 days in advanceNo alternative flight offeredYes + refund

Flight delayed due to the Brussels Airlines pilot strike?

  • Delay of 2 hours? You are entitled to the ‘right to care’ - this includes meals, drinks, and even telephone calls that Brussels Airlines must reimburse you for.
  • Delay of 3 or more hours? You are entitled to compensation between 220 and 520 pounds. The amount of compensation depends on the distance of your flight:
Distance of your flightCompensation
Flights shorter than 1,500 kmGet £220 per passenger
Flight between 1,500 and 3,500 kmGet £350 per passenger
Flights of over 1,500 kilometres within the EUGet £350 per passenger
Flights of over 3,500 kilometres outside of the EU
Get £520 per passenger

Brussels Airlines pilot strike disrupt your trip?

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Although discouraging, affected Brussels Airlines passengers should be informed of their rights and options, and know that not all is lost. Those who were scheduled to fly with Brussels Airlines at the end of March, 2024 should find alternative flight and travel solutions and remember to claim compensation.