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July 25, 2019, Aviation’s busiest day in history

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The date won’t go down in history only as the hottest day ever in the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands. July 25, 2019, also saw more than 230 thousand flights cruise through the sky all around the globe: Aviation’s busiest day in history.

The real-time flight-tracking website, Flightradar24, stated that they had tracked 225 thousand flights on Wednesday 24 and that they expected the following days to be even busier. A couple of days later, they confirmed their expectations and tweeted that on Thursday they had tracked the whopping total of 230 thousand flights!

All the flights in the world are tracked by Flightradar24. However, sensitive flights are not followed. For example, military flights. Every other single flight is covered, even helicopters, hot air balloons, private jets and even weather balloons.

Ian Petchenik, media and community relations manager at Flightradar24, said that this record could easily be broken in August since late July and the whole month of August are oftentimes the busiest time in aviation.

How many flights are operated in a day, worldwide?

The average number of flights a day worldwide is 102,465.

Total of flights per day worldwide

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