Ryanair Boeing 737 8 AS

Ryanair cabin crew will go on strike in four different countries, expect flight delays and cancellations all over Europe.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Even though the dates haven’t been announced, cabin crew strikes are expected to happen in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. While still waiting for the approval from the Italian authorities, expected to be given today 05/07/2018, to announce the specific times and dates, a statement from the Spanish union SITCPLA established that the strikes have been planned and will happen. It was mentioned that other countries may join the industrial action as well.

The cabin crew personnel are coming together with the airline’s pilots in support of their scheduled strike. The pilots’ strike will take place July 12. The pilots and the cabin crew believe that the airline has not improved their working conditions sufficiently.

All across Europe, the personnel organised and published a joint statement in which they demanded, among other 34 demands, a fair living wage, improved sickness pay and that employment contracts be drafted in their own language and applying local law instead of Irish law. The joint statement was drafted by a group of workers representing more than 80 percent of Ryanair’s bases.

The Unions from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium threatened the strike back in April. They asked for their demands to be met before June 30, something that still has not occurred.

Compensation for Ryanair flight cancelled or delayed due to strike

Flights cancelled and delayed all across Europe due to a strike, can I claim for compensation?

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