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United Airlines 37 joins the ranking for top 10 longest flights

Thursday, November 2, 2017

This week marks the launch of the second lengthiest nonstop flight in the world. United Airlines flight 37, a flight from Los Angeles to Singapore, takes an approximate 18 hours to cover the total distance of 14.113 kilometres. While there are flights that cover a greater distance, the strong wind conditions faced, cause the airplane to experience a longer journey when travelling West.

The current list of lengthiest flights will surely see some major changes in the upcoming months as airlines are constantly on the look for improving their aircraft technology and offer the most convenient experiences for passengers. United Airlines is for example already planning a new grand flight from Houston, one of the airline’s main hubs, to Singapore next January. Qantas on the other hand, will be inaugurating their London Heathrow – Perth route in March 2018.

While these flights aren’t too far off in the future, we hereby present the 10 lengthiest flights in the world that are currently operational:

1. Qatar Airways: Auckland (AKL) - Doha (DOH)
Flight Duration: 18 hours 20 minutes
Distance: 14,535 kilometres

2. United Airlines: Los Angeles (LAX) to Singapore (SIN)
Flight Duration: 17 hours and 55 minutes
Distance: 14,113 kilometres

3. Singapore Airlines / United Airlines: San Francisco (SFO) - Singapore (SIN)
Flight Duration: 17 hours and 35 minutes
Distance: 13,594 kilometres

4. Emirates: Auckland (AKL) - Dubai (DXB)
Flight Duration: 17 hours and 15 minutes
Distance: 14,200 kilometres

5. Qantas: Dallas (DFW) - Sydney (SYD)
Flight Duration: 17 hours 5 minutes
Distance: 13,804 kilometres

6. Etihad: Abu Dhabi (AUH) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Duration of flight: 17 hours
Distance: 13,502 kilometres

7. Delta: Johannesburg (JNB) - Atlanta (ATL)
Flight Duration: 16 hours and 50 minutes
Distance: 13,581 kilometres

8. Saudia: Jeddah (JED) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Duration of the flight: 16 hours and 40 minutes
Distance: 13,409 kilometres

9. Qatar Airways: Doha (DOH) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Flight Duration: 16 hours and 20 minutes
Distance: 13,367 kilometres

10. Emirates: Dubai (DXB) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Flight Duration: 16 hours and 15 minutes
Distance: 13,420 kilometres