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Teen causes COD inspired terror and causes flights to be cancelled

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A computer game playing British teenager held a 9-month campaign of terror hoaxes that forced flights to be cancelled and military fighter jets scrambled. 
Georgy Sales, 17, who was 15 at the time of the chilling threats and terror campaigns, now faces 12 months in a youth offenders unit.
The teenager was inspired to start an internet terror campaign by the online community of the popular game Call of Duty. On this platform, he was able to speak with people who allegedly encouraged the Brit to make online threats to a series of people and organisations.
As well as cancelled flights, the teenager was responsible for a US school to be forced into lockdown, after he threatened to attack the school. In another incident, the British teenager contacted the family of a special FBI agent and demanded a ransom for not killing the agent's family.
In the instance of cancelled flights due to suspected terror attacks, passengers are not entitled to flight delay compensation.
The district judge ruled that Sales was lucky that he was too young to be tried in the US. If that had been the case, Sales would have been looking at a much more severe punishment for the disruption and fear he caused in the US.
Written by:  Team Flight-Delayed