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State of the art ATC system causes flight delays in Hong Kong

Monday, December 5, 2016

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Hong Kong: After spending almost 2 billion dollars on a system that is meant to provide the smoothest landing to all planes up in the air over the skies of Hong Kong, you would think that it would prevent flight delays rather than be the cause of them. 
That is exactly what happened in Hong Kong when the new system was declared to be faulty.
The expansive system began to cause flight delays when it failed during the process of backing up flight information.
The issue that is expected to cause a number of flight delays has been attributed to ‘teething issues’.
The company that made the system, Raytheon, has been asked to find a fix for the problem. Senior executives are set to meet with civil aviation experts to try and minimise a number of flight delays.
The department responsible for overseeing aviation has stated that many more flight delays are to be expected to ‘safeguard aviation safety’.
If you are affected by delays to and from Hong Kong, remember if you are flying to or from an EU state or with an EU carrier, you could be entitled to flight delay compensation.