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Air France to get new boss to work with unions and prevent flight delays

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Passengers boarding an Air France plane
FRANCE: Air France has taken the step to appoint a new boss after millions of minutes were lost this summer due to flight delays and cancellations in France. 
The country's aviation sector was left reeling from a series of industrial action that disrupted the travel plans of thousands of passengers.
Air France, the part state-owned airline, had a troublesome summer which saw the European Championships staged in France.
The airline has taken the step of appointing a new chief executive with the intention of improving relations with trade unions that have been involved in strike action.
The new C.E.O can expect to start the job by the end of the year and can expect to face a busy start to the new role.  Air France will be looking for a less turbulent year in 2017.
Air France- KLM airlines have been facing tough competition from low-cost airlines and are in on-going talks with powerful trade unions on how best to move forward.
The airline will be keen to resolve any issues that Unions have in regards to the airline's decision to expand the wing of its low-cost carrier. The aim of  this expansion is to compete with the likes of Easyjet and Ryanair.