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British Airways suffers technical glitch

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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London: British Airways was forced to delay a number of flights at multiple US airports on Monday due to a glitch in the IT system and the airline cancelled some flights for “operational reasons”.

Issues with checking in are still causing delays for passengers in the US but the outage was believed to be worldwide, with passengers also delayed at UK airports.

The issues have caused scenes of passengers complaining at check-in when dropping baggage and even passengers left on the tarmac waiting to depart.

The airline said in a brief statement that they are “checking passengers in at Gatwick and Heathrow but it is taking longer than usual.” They added, “ We are sorry for the delay to their journeys.”

The flagship carrier has been keeping passengers updated through their twitter feed and has been encouraging passengers to travel to the airport as normal in the hope the matter is resolved in time for their scheduled departure.

The airline has also advised passengers to check in online before they arrive for their flight, to prevent long waiting periods at check-in desks, where staff have been forced to process check in manually using hand written boarding cards and that their IT teams “were working to resolve the issue.”

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