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Airport Rio: Strikes during world cup

Friday, June 13, 2014

Today the World Cup in Brazil (06/12/2014) has started and employees of the two major airports in Rio de Janeiro went on a 24-hour strike. The strike began at midnight but not all workers are involved; about one fifth of the staff puts down their work.

The strikes will take place at the Galeão International Airport and the smaller airport Santos Dumont. The action comes at a time when thousands of tourists travel to Brazil for the World Cup. The consequences for the travelers are not clear yet. The strike was organized by employees because clerks and luggage handlers demand a wage increase of nearly six percent.

The court has previously determined that the unions should ensure that 80 percent of the staff is available for work. If this is not the case, fines will be the consequence.

So far the website of airport Galeão say nothing about the cancellation of international flights.

Also the metro staff in São Paulo had the intention to go strike; they also want to aim for a higher salary. However, they voted against a strike on the day that the World Cup starts, so actions later during the tournament are still possible.

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the World Cup. At 22:00 o clock the first match was played by Brazil against Croatia. The final score was 3-1 for Brazil. Tonight at 18:00 plays Mexico against Cameroon and at 21:00 play Spain and Netherlands.


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