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Flight Delay

Are you affected by a flight delay? EU laws provide pessengers who experienced a flight delay or cancellation with rights which entitle them to compensation. If the flight was delayed for three hours or more the traveller can receive a financial compensation. But what are the guidelines for this EU law and how can a pessenger gain knowlegde about the terms of compensation?

The amount depends on the delay of the flight

If your flight was delayed for more than three hours, you are entitled to delayed flight compensation of € 250 up to € 600. The amount depends on the distance of your flight, the length of your delay, and the cause of the delay, but is irrespective of your ticket price. If the flight is delayed due to extraordinary circumstances, an airline does not have to pay any financial compensation, aside from providing care and assistance. Furthermore it is important to know that either the arrival or the departure airport is situated within the EU.

Criteria for a delayed flight

  • Your flight must fall under European Regulation, which is the case if your departure airport is in a European member state, or your airport of arrival is in a European member state and you're travelling with a European carrier.
  • Depending on the flight distance and the length of the delay (at least three hours) you are entitled to EUR 250 (± 200 GBP), EUR 400 (± 340 GBP) or EUR 600 (± 500 GBP).
  • Check if something happened beyond the control of the airline, like a strike or a volcanic eruption. If force mejure is the reason for the delay you are not entitled to receive damages.
  • Check what the weather conditions were at the departing airport, on the airport of arrival and if possible check if there were severe weather conditions on the flight route
  • Check Regulation (EC) no. 261/2004 to see what your compensation is.

In some cases, airlines can reduce the financial compensation by 50 percent. This is only possible if the passenger was offered a different flight to the final destination and if:

  • The flight was delayed more than 2 hours at a flight distance of up to 1,500 km
  • The flight was delayed more than 3 hours at a flight path within the EU between 1,500 km and 3.500km.
  • The flight was delayed more than 4 hours at a flight distance outside the EU, which is more than 3.500km.

Amounts of compensation

  • € 250,00 (± 200 GBP) for all flights up to 1.500 kilometres
  • € 400,00 (± 340 GBP) for all flight within the European Union of more than 1.500 kilometres
  • € 400,00 (± 340 GBP) for all flights within and outside the European union between 1.500 and 3.500 kilometres
  • For all other flights you are entitled to € 600,00 (± 500 GBP)

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