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Claim flight compensation in the UK for a delayed or cancelled flight


Do you live in the UK and you have suffered a flight delay or cancellation? Here is the most relevant information regarding claiming compensation. However, you don’t actually need to live in the UK or be a UK resident in order to be able to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight. If you were flying to or from the United Kingdom, your rights are protected by Regulation EC 261/2004.


What are my passenger rights when flying to and from the UK?


All flights departing from an EU airport or flights flying into an EU airport on an European carrier. In other words, if you are flying from anywhere in the UK, your rights will be covered by European law. It does not matter with which airline you are flying or your destination, you will have the right to claim for compensation if your flight has been delayed or cancelled.


If you’re flying back to the UK however, you must be flying with a European carrier in order to be entitled to claim for compensation.

Example: A cancelled flight from London to New York is eligible for compensation regardless the carrier. A cancelled flight from New York to London with British Airways is also eligible for compensation. However, a cancelled flight from New York to London with Delta Airlines is NOT eligible for compensation.


Which flights are eligible for compensation when flying from or to the United Kingdom?


In conclusion, these are the circumstances that must be met for you to have the right to claim compensation for your flight’s delay or cancellation:


  • All flights departing from the United Kingdom
  • Flight arriving to the United Kingdom and being operated by a European Airline


When will I be entitled to compensation for a flight delay or cancellation?


Generally speaking, you will be entitled to compensation if you’ve arrived at your final destination with a delay greater than 3 hours and if the cause of your flight’s delay or cancellation cannot be considered an extraordinary circumstance. That means, the airline must be responsible for the factors that caused your disruption.


If you want to know all the details regarding when you are entitled to compensation you can always head on to our detailed explanations on when you are entitled to compensation when your flight has been delayed or when your flight has been cancelled.


What is the deadline for claiming compensation in the UK?


Luckily for passengers flying to or from the UK, the law establishes the longest statue of limitations in Europe when it comes to claiming compensation for flight delays and cancellations. In the UK one can claim compensation for flights of up to 6 years in the past.


How much compensation can I receive in the UK for a flight delay or cancellation?


The amounts to be paid out by airlines as compensation are set, in euros, by Regulation EC 261/2004. They are determined by the distance of the disrupted flight. In the case of missed connections, the total distance of your scheduled travel is taken into account to establish the amount. Please note that the amounts in GBP will vary depending on the exchange rate, but they are as follows:


  • Flights with a distance of up to 1500 km:  £220.00
  • Flights with a distance between 1500-3500 km : £350.00
  • Flights with a distance greater than 3500 km: £530.00


How much compensation can I get for a flight delay or cancellation


If you are still not sure if you can claim compensation for your flight, we’d be more than happy to help you. You use our claim calculator on the right side of this page and you will know almost immediately. If you want Flight-Delayed to take care of absolutely everything and ensure that the airline doesn’t get away with wrongly rejecting your claim, you can submit your claim with us here:


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