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Choose your seat wisely: Which seats on a plane have the highest survival rate?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Choosing a seat can have serious consequences, and can even be the difference between life and death. It may not send you spiralling into panic. It may not have even crossed your mind. But some seats on an airplane are statistically safer than others! That extra charge for seat selection may not be the rip-off it seems.

Research from Greenwich University has shed light on this modern day dilemma. Intuitively, if you are looking to maximise your chances of survival then a speedy exit is your top priority. So it is no surprise that passengers seated nearer emergency exits have a higher chance of survival than those seated further away.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a completely failsafe solution, the circumstances of the crash play a crucial role. Those taking refuge at the back of the plane may fair better if the plane crashes nose first, but might not be so lucky if the tail of the plane bears the brunt of the impact.

Okay, we get it, you didn’t read this article to hear that your survival is out of your control. So here are the statistics if you are looking to really maximise your chances. The studies' analyses showed that the best section of the plane to be seated is the back third of the plane, with a 32% fatality rate. Followed by the front third at 38% and the middle section at 39% fatality rate.


The chances of dying in a plane crash are very low. In 2017 only 4 people died by plane crash! In comparison, falling coconuts are estimated to kill around 150 people a year!

The more alarming flight statistic, is the number of passengers whose flights are delayed. In the last 30 days alone there have been over half a million delayed flights. Which equates to around 150 million delayed passengers!

Are you part of this unlucky majority? If the answer is yes, you may be entitled to compensation. At our mission is to help delayed passengers and ensure they are treated fairly by their airlines. Use our free flight checker to work out if you can make a claim with us! (You will not be charged if your claim is unsuccessful).