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Lufthansa strike on February 7th: Union calls for ground staff walkout

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Lufthansa Strike: Pay dispute sparks ground staff walkout, disrupting thousands of travel plans

Why is Lufthansa striking?

The major German airline, Lufthansa, is expecting significant disruptions on February 7th as ground staff members have been asked to participate in a walkout and day-long strike. The strike is intended to settle a dispute over pay, the Ver.di union demanding a 12.5% salary increase, or at a minimum, an additional €500 per month for nearly 25,000 employees across major German airports.

This strike adds to a long list of transportation-related protests in the country over the last year, inconveniencing thousands of travellers and commuters and putting pressure on airlines and governmental institutions to take action.

H2: Who will be affected by the Lufthansa strike?

The Ver.di union's call for a strike will cease Lufthansa's ground staff operations at Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf airports from 4 am on Wednesday. The walkout is scheduled to last 27 hours, ending at 7am on Thursday. All flights scheduled in this period of time will be disrupted, the disturbances ranging from check-in complications to baggage handling, boarding and takeoff. The cancellation rate will be up to 90%.

Preparing for Lufthansa flight cancellations

Lufthansa has already come up with contingency plans, including a special flight schedule to mitigate disruptions. The airline has also voiced criticism over the scale of the strike, emphasising the potential for extensive effects on its flight operations.

Flight cancelled due to Lufthansa strike?

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Will my flight be cancelled due to the Lufthansa strike?

Lufthansa has advised all passengers scheduled to fly on February 7th and 8th to monitor their flight status closely. Lufthansa has committed to informing affected travellers of cancellations and rebooking options from 4 pm today via email or the Lufthansa app.

What should I do if my Lufthansa flight was cancelled because of the strike?

In the event of flight cancellations, the airline typically offers passengers the option to convert their tickets into Deutsche Bahn train tickets free of charge. However, it is important to remember that the EU261, the legislation outlining European air passenger rights, protects your right to compensation in this circumstance.

Claiming compensation for my cancelled Lufthansa flight

The flight disruptions and cancellations occurring because of this strike can be directly attributed to Lufthansa’s administration. Because of this, all affected passengers are entitled to flight compensation ranging from €250 to €600!

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As travellers brace for the disruptions between February 7th and 8th, both the airline and the union remain in negotiations. With the strike set to proceed, passengers are advised to stay informed and make necessary adjustments to their itineraries in anticipation of the disruptions.