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Ryanair cancels flights in Belgium on July 29 and 30 — Passengers can claim compensation!

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Ryanair has announced the cancellation of flights from Belgium once again as pilots based at Brussels Charleroi Airport continue their strike. The industrial action is scheduled for July 29-30, 2023, and comes as pilots demand better wages and improved working conditions. Flight disruptions are expected, affecting flights departing from Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL).

Ryanair strike at Charleroi — Why are Ryanair pilots striking?

Ryanair Belgian pilots are on strike because they want their wages to be restored. They had to give up 20% of their salaries at the start of the corona crisis, and now they're asking to be compensated. Another issue is their work schedule; Ryanair is currently considering reducing pilots’ rest time in between flights.

Note that this is the second Ryanair Belgium strike this month. On July 15th and 16th, around 40% of Ryanair's Belgian flights had to be cancelled.

Is my flight cancelled because of the Ryanair pilots’ strike at Charleroi airport?

The airline has already communicated on multiple flight cancellations for Saturday. As for Sunday's cancellations, the specific flights have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for further updates on Ryanair’s or Charleroi Airport’s websites.

Here are the details of the Charleroi Airport cancelled flights because of Ryanair pilot strike on Saturday July 29th:


29-07-23 06:30 GERONA FR6902
29-07-23 07:05 NIMES/ARLES FR4842
29-07-23 07:35 BOLOGNE MARCONI FR3939
29-07-23 07:35 CAGLIARI/ELMAS FR4417
29-07-23 07:45 NAPLES FR1302
29-07-23 07:50 LISBONNE FR1300
29-07-23 10:15 RABAT/SALE FR6932
29-07-23 11:10 CARCASSONNE FR8023
29-07-23 15:50 ALICANTE FR3534
29-07-23 15:55 LISBONNE FR3610
29-07-23 16:50 SEVILLE FR6444
29-07-23 16:50 BUCAREST - OTOPENI FR2101
29-07-23 17:50 POZNAN-LAWICA FR4999
29-07-23 19:00 TRIESTE-RONCHI FR4496


29-07-23 10:45 GERONA FR6901
29-07-23 10:45 NIMES/ARLES FR4843
29-07-23 11:30 BOLOGNE MARCONI FR3938
29-07-23 12:35 CAGLIARI/ELMAS FR4416
29-07-23 12:50 NAPLES FR1303
29-07-23 13:45 LISBONNE FR1301
29-07-23 15:00 CARCASSONNE FR8024
29-07-23 17:00 RABAT/SALE FR6933
29-07-23 21:25 ALICANTE FR3533
29-07-23 21:40 POZNAN-LAWICA FR5000
29-07-23 21:50 LISBONNE FR3609
29-07-23 22:45 TRIESTE-RONCHI FR4497
29-07-23 22:45 SEVILLE FR6445
29-07-23 22:55 BUCAREST - OTOPENI FR2102

Ryanair pilots’ strike at Charleroi Airport — Can I get flight compensation?

If your Ryanair flight was cancelled this weekend at Charleroi Airport, you are entitled to flight compensation. This is because the airline is responsible for the cancellations (their pilots are striking) and because the cancellations were announced less than 14 days before departure. (Learn more about flight cancellation compensation.)

Additionally, if your flight was cancelled, and you did not take the alternative flight offered by the airline, you can get a full monetary refund of your ticket.

My flight was cancelled because of the Ryanair pilots strike at Charleroi, how do I claim flight compensation?

The first step to claim flight compensation is to check your eligibility. But great news for passengers affected by the Ryanair pilots' strike this weekend: if your flight was cancelled due to the strike, you are definitely eligible for compensation, and you can begin the claim process right away.

Make sure you have all the necessary flight information, and you can easily start the process using our free Claim Calculator. At Flight-Delayed.co.uk, our aim is to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for the inconvenience caused. With us, you won't have to worry about anything — we handle everything on your behalf, from building a strong case to contacting the airline. In the rare event that your claim is not successful, there's no risk for you, as our service is provided on a no win, no fee basis.