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Lufthansa strike — more than 1,000 flights to be cancelled today in Frankfurt and Munich

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Lufthansa ground staff is striking today. The union already announced that almost all Lufthansa flights will be cancelled on July 27th in Frankfurt and Munich, the two busiest airports in Germany. 

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Lufthansa strike — almost all flights cancelled in Frankfurt and Munich today

345 flights in Munich and 678 in Frankfurt are affected by the strike. In total, the work stoppage will impact about 134,000 passengers. Unfortunately, the German company claims that there aren't many options for rebooking passengers because of the general situation regarding staff shortages. In a statement, Lufthansa stated that "this early escalation of a constructive round of negotiations is causing enormous damage."

Effects of this strike will also be seen all across Europe for Lufthansa flights departing or arriving in Frankfurt or Munich today.

Lufthansa ground staff striking — what are the workers' demands?

As air traffic keeps increasing during the holiday season, the Lufthansa union Ver.di called all their ground staff to stop working on Wednesday, July 27. The union hopes that with this strike warrant, the airline will accept to start discussing better wages for their workers.

Due to a lack of staff, Lufthansa has already cancelled thousands of flights up until the end of August. Current employees are asking for higher salaries due to the increased workload. Pilots are threatening to strike in August if talks for a new wage agreement fall through.

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flight compensation amount

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