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Ryanair strikes in Belgium — Ryanair Belgium cabin crew and pilots to stop working at end of June

Monday, June 20, 2022

Ryanair Belgium cabin crew and pilots announced their will to strike on June 24, 25 and 26. Big flight disturbances are to be expected. Passengers can claim compensation for their delayed and cancelled Ryanair flights.

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Ryanair Belgium crew and pilots strike: flight delays and cancellations in sight

Ryanair's strike in Belgium is scheduled for June 24, 25, and 26. Back in early June, the Ryanair strike in Italy lasted a full day, disrupting dozens of flights throughout the day.

With a three-day strike in Belgium, we can expect even more flight disruptions, including flight cancellations and lengthy delays. Furthermore, the Ryanair Belgium strike, combined with other Ryanair strikes in Spain at the same time, adds pressure to European airports that are already dealing with staff shortages and long lines.

Ryanair strikes in Belgium: why is Ryanair Belgium striking?

Ryanair cabin crew and pilots have been striking all across Europe for better wages, work conditions and reduced work pressure as staff shortages are rife in Europe.

However, Ryanair Belgium strike is quite different: according to trade unions CNE and ACV, Ryanair does not respect Belgian labour law in its proposals.

Claim flight compensation for delayed and cancelled Ryanair flights in Belgium!

Despite the strike warrant, Ryanair has not announced any flight disruptions for the end of June. Flights are almost certainly going to be cancelled or delayed at the last minute. Passengers will be eligible for flight compensation and refunds because the airline is to blame for the delays and cancellations.

The distance of your delayed or cancelled flight determines the amount of flight compensation:

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