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Brussels Airlines strikes in Belgium — striking trend continues in Europe

Monday, June 20, 2022

A union of Brussels Airlines workers has announced a strike on June 23 and 24. If your flight was cancelled or delayed due to the strike, you can claim flight compensation.

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Why are Brussels Airlines workers striking in Belgium?

Brussels Airlines strike follows recent airline strikes all across Europe — see, for example, Ryanair strikes in Spain and Belgium. The aviation industry is suffering from staff shortages since May, making it difficult for employees to keep up with their work.

Some of the reasons for the Brussels Airlines strike are:

  • Poor working conditions
  • High work pressure
  • Too low wages for employees

We can see a trend in airline strikes this end of June: by striking now, Brussels Airlines’ workers hope to add even more pressure on the European airports, adding more weight and persuasion to their revendications.

It is also good to note that the Brussels Airlines union strike coincides with a summit of European Union leaders scheduled to take place in Brussels on June 23-24.

Brussels Airlines strikes in Belgium: will my flight be delayed or cancelled?

Considering the Brussels Airlines strike being nationwide, there are big chances that your flight will be delayed or cancelled, if you are travelling to or from Belgium.

For reference, the Ryanair Italian union struck at the beginning of June for a day. As a result, dozens of flights were disrupted all across Europe.

Following the Brussels Airlines strike, we expect flights to be delayed or cancelled until June 26 as it will take some time before flight schedules go back to normal.

Can I claim flight compensation for my delayed or cancelled Brussels Airlines flight?

At the time of writing this article, Brussels Airlines has not yet announced any flight disruptions despite the strike warrant. No flights were yet cancelled or delayed. Because the airline is to blame for the delays and cancellations, passengers will be eligible for flight compensation and refunds.

The amount of flight compensation is determined by the distance of your delayed or cancelled flight: 

flight compensation amount

How to claim your Brussel Airlines flight compensation?

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