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New LOT route: Budapest to London City Airport

Friday, June 22, 2018

After a successful expansion into long haul flights earlier this year, the Polish airline is implementing its newest route: Budapest – London City Airport. Even though the schedules will vary depending on the day, you will be able to fly whichever leg of the trip you want during every day of the week. The most important characteristic of the new route is that it will permit businessmen fly between London and Budapest in a single day. So no more pesky overnight stays for them. We can safely assume that the new route will focus on corporate passengers.

London City Airport aircraft demands to operate a flight from and to the airport

Due to the complicated and steep approach necessary to land at this specific airport, only selected aircrafts are approved to travel to and from London City. LOT decided to purchase four airplanes that would fit the criteria necessary. In this case, they were four Embraer E-190s. A big investment from the airline just to be able to cover this route.

compensation for delayed or cancelled flight from Budapest London

Can I claim compensation if my flight from Budapest to London City Airport was delayed or cancelled?

With every new route announced, the abovementioned question arises. The route Budapest – London City Airport is very well covered by EU regulations and that means that you can claim compensation if you have experienced a delay greater than three hours or if your flight has been cancelled. If you’d like to check the validity of your claim you can always use our claim calculator for free: