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Aviation industry estimates over 1 million new jobs by 2034

Monday, September 21, 2015

According to aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the aviation industry will see a drastic increase in the demand for new recruits between 2015 and 2034. Predictions show that more than 500,000 pilots and 600,000 technicians will be needed to fill vacant positions over the next 20 years. The sharp increase can be attributed to an expected rise in the production of aircrafts.

Recent forecasts by Cavok, revealed that the worldwide aircraft fleet will grow from 24,000 planes in 2015 to a total of approximately 34,400 in 2025. This is an increase of nearly 43 percent. Therefore, as the fleet grows, so does the demand for pilots.  The majority of positions are to open up in the Asia-Pacific region (226,000 positions), followed by Europe and North America with an increase of 95,000 jobs respectively.

The demand for technicians and other skilled workers is also said to soar in the upcoming 20 years. Forerunner will be Asia –Pacific (238,000 new positions) followed by Europe (101,000) and North America (113,000 new positions). The slowest growth for both pilot and technician vacancies, will take place in Africa (18,000 and 22,000 respectively).

Written by: Flight-Delayed