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Our top 7 reasons to wake up for that early-morning flight

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Although not everyone like getting up early in the morning, booking the first flight of the day is a smart move if it means the difference between a smooth and terrible flight.  Due to its association with passengers who have red eyes from fatigue, an early morning flight is frequently referred to as a "red-eye" flight. The time of these early-morning flights is between 8:00 and 9:00.

Follow this blog as we go over 7 key reasons why you should keep your options open when booking your next flight if you enjoy saving time and stress.

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Reason #1: Avoid delays

Nothing is worse than standing in line for hours at the airport before rushing through security and to your gate. This stress will increase minute by minute if you're also in a time crunch!

You should opt for a morning flight in the first place because there will surely be fewer delays. There will be less traffic in the city (avoid rush hour), in the air, and at the ticket kiosks whether you are traveling to the airport or are already there.

As a result, there is less air traffic in the morning because the flights from the previous day have already landed, allowing for high rates of early morning on-time traffic. Air traffic controllers have to start delaying takeoffs and landings because planes amass and wait for takeoff throughout the day.

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Reason #2: Save money

Early morning flights that leave before 9:00 are also typically less expensive than flights that leave in the late morning, afternoon, or evening.

Reason #3: Calm skies

Additionally, the wind is typically calmer in the morning, which makes turbulence less likely to happen and the likelihood of a thunderstorm lower.

Reason #4: Sightseeing

Flying into or out of a city while the sun is rising over the landscape below you is a great way to start the day. Watching dawn slowly break over the horizon can allow you to witness one of the most beautiful flights.

Reason #5: Optimization

We may argue that arriving off a morning flight early enough allows you to maximize your day and start on a high note as opposed to if you flew at night after a full day's work, of course depending on the time zone and the logistics of your journey.

Reason #6: Cleanliness

Another benefit of morning flights is that your aircraft will be as sanitary as possible. Occasionally, the intervals between flights are so close together that there is still some cleaning to be performed by the time the next flight must depart. By boarding that morning trip, you can be confident that everything will be in order and avoid any neglected messes missed by hurried flight attendants.

Reason #7: Good mood

The flight crew will be in tip-top shape, which brings us to our final argument. Being there at the beginning of the day assures that everyone is wanting to have a good one and wants smooth sailing. This is because everyone becomes tired over the day after interacting with numerous people, some of whom may not be so pleasant.

These were our top 7 reasons for taking that flight early in the day. Are you a morning person? The early flight should then be even easier to catch!

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