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The funniest and most bizarre flight attendant stories

Friday, April 24, 2020

Have you ever had a flight on which you have had a bizarre experience? Some flights attendants take many flights a day and therefore also see a lot of things bizarre things. If you are looking for a read that will distract you and bring a little laughter to your face, then we can give you an insight into the most peculiar flight attendant stories!

A passenger on the wing

Flight attendants sometimes get very weird requests from captains. However, on one flight an attendant got a call from the captain that for sure was unusual and actually quite alarming. As the aircraft was leaving the airport and making its way to the runway the captain notified with the words: “the tower just informed me that I have a man on the right wing. Would you please quickly investigate and advise.”

The flight attendant obviously got up out of her seat and went to check the situation out. To her shock, she actually discovered that a passenger had indeed fled onto the aircraft wing and was now hovering on it including his briefcase and all! What a weird sight that must have been.

The attendant informed the pilot and the passenger was of course rescued from the aircraft wing and escorted back on-board. The reason the passenger had fled to the wing in the first place was because he apparently had seen something that had scared him and made him feel unsafe. Sometimes, aircraft especially of the smaller type burn excess fuel just before taking off so this specific passenger seemed to have had such worries about this that he thought it would be a good idea to flee to the aircraft wing.

The claim to fame

A flight attendant spotted this passenger on a trans-pacific flight. The passenger had been occupying the lavatory for quite some time so the attendants politely knocked on the door in effort to check if the passenger was alright. However, after some effort of trying to communicate with the passenger and there being no answer the captain ordered for the door to be unlocked.

What they saw when they opened the door was unexpected and unusual at the same time! The passenger was wearing a pink bodysuit, one of the skin-tight ones with headphones and was appearing to be filming himself. He claimed to be a YouTuber!

The FBIs most wanted travels economy

The funniest and most bizarre flight attendant stories

One economy flight definitely carried some unusual load! During a flight a captain got a call from an air marshal advising him that one of the passenger’s he was carrying was on the FBI’s most wanted list. In efforts to hand the man over to the federal police, the captain had to enforce an ‘emergency landing’. Upon touching the ground the aircraft was stormed and the passenger was taken off the plane. What a flight!

Good luck coins

We have talked about this before but apparently in some parts of the world there is a ritual where throwing coins in to an aircraft engine is said to bring good luck to the family and support when tackling challenges that life may throw at them.

Specifically, in China many superstitious citizens believe in this ritual. However, as this has happened a few times in the past it is now against the law to throw coins into an aircraft engine. Not only could this delay the flight but it could damage the aircraft engines and make it unsafe to fly.

Passenger in need of ‘fresh air’ opens emergency exit door

One passenger obviously was not happy with the quality of air inside an aircraft of a Xiamen Air flight. She was sat in the emergency exit row and thought it could be a good idea to open the emergency exit door.

It’s unclear whether the aircraft was in taxi or was standing still but the passenger could be facing either jail or a horrendous fine for disturbing public order in an aircraft. So this definitely is not the best idea even if the air in an aircraft may be a little stuffy.

Has your flight been delayed or cancelled due to an incident? You can claim compensation!

Your passenger rights are protected by Regulation EC No 261/2004. According to the law, an airline has to pay its passengers compensation if their flight has been delayed for more than three hours, sporadically cancelled or unrightfully overbooked. Depending on the exact circumstances, the compensation can range from £220.00 up to £528.00 per passenger.

However, airlines tend to make claiming as difficult as it can be with carriers trying to avoid paying the compensation. This is where flight-delayed comes in!

Very often, airlines make the process of claiming as complicated as possible to simply avoid compensating their passengers. They also overuse the argument that the flight disruption was caused by an extraordinary circumstance. More often than not, one sees passengers lose hope and accept the airline’s rejection as the truth.

Fortunately, we have the adequate tools and databases to ensure that your rights are honoured and to fact-check the airlines. We will even take them to court when necessary and all of the legal costs will be covered by our 25% win-fee. If you wish, we can take care of everything and help you enforce your rights!

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