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Warm up during winter: The best European hot springs

Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter has officially arrived and Flight-Delayed.co.uk has prepared tips and tricks on how to heat up. It is time to flee abroad and warm up. Believe it or not, there still are corners of Europe boasting 39 degrees. We’re talking about natural hot springs. The following is a top-five of the best hot springs in Europe.

Greece: 33 Degrees

Greece is home to the Santorini Hot Springs. One can get there by boat as the springs lay on the volcanic island of Nea Kameni, off the coast of Santorini. The water here is yellow and orange and has a therapeutic effect, according to natives. The ideal place to escape to during winter.

Iceland: 40 Degrees

The Blue Lagoon hot water springs in Iceland (see photo) are situated in a lava field overgrown with moss. This lagoon is filled with one and a half million litres of bright blue sea water. The vapour spiralling upwards from the water appears to be something out of a fairy tale.Temperatures are said to be about 40 degrees.

IJsland blue lagoon

Italy: 43 Degrees

Approximately 150km south of Florence lay the hot springs of  Spa di Saturnia. Pope Pius II is said to have warmed up here in the sixteenth century.The water is warm: around 43 degrees and smells of sulphur which is said to be therapeutic. For pictures and impressions of th ebreathtaking location see more here.

England: 46 Degrees

You won't be travelling far to visit the next hot spring.You've probably already guesed it: Bath. Since the dawn of time this city in the South-west of England has attracted visitors from all over as it is home to the UKs only natural hot water spring. Bath is ideal for those who want to cure aches or those who simply want to relax on a city break.

Budapest: 75 Degrees

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Budapest: Europe’s largest hot water spring is located in the city’s famous park and is named after Count Széchenyi Ivstán. The spa consists of three outdoor pools, and no less than 15 inside baths. The Széchenyi get their water from two natural sources, with a temperature of 75 degrees. Not to worry however, the water is then cooled down to just the right temperature.