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Important! As of 05/03/2020, Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, has gone into administration and has stopped all operations. This may mean that all claims against the airline will not be acknowledged.


From 2020, Virgin Connect will merge all Flybe flights under its own operations. All Flybe flights will be operated by the new brand and its fleet will now boast new Virgin Connect liveries. If you wish to learn more about this, please click here.

In the meantime, please head to our dedicated Flybe page if you wish to claim for compensation or find out if your Flybe flight is eligible for compensation.


Flybe will rebrand to Virgin Connect in 2020: information if your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked


In January 2019, the already troubled Flybe was bought by Connect Airways. A deal was made to include the private equity firm Cyrus Capital, Stobart Group as well as Virgin Atlantic, combining the companies’ capital in order to purchase all of Flybe’s assets. With the acquisition of Flybe, the Virgin-led consortium plans to expand their regional routes, acquiring Flybe slots as well as their aircraft. The CEO of the newly founded airline claims to have plans to grown the airline capacity with larger aeroplanes and explained that “[Virgin Connect] will be developing the fleet”.


Flybe had recently replaced their old liveries with a new design in September 2018. The strategy was to modernise the airline’s look, starting with all the aircraft that were not run under the purple and white colours yet but instead under the older blue and white livery.


Flybe struggling under flight disruptions and poor service

Flybe will be rebranded to Virgin Connect

Flybe has struggled as many customers complained of flight disruptions and unreliable services. Recently, Flybe had to cut costs by reducing flights, shutting down bases and decreasing in staff size. In November 2018, it officially announced that the largest regional airline, which is based in Devon, was up for sale. In early January 2019, Connect Airways successfully acquired the troubled airline.


Will I be able to claim compensation for a Virgin Connect flight disruption?


Yes, you will. Virgin Connect is an EU carrier, which means that your rights are protected by Regulation EC No 261/2004. The legislation states your passenger rights when your flight is delayed or cancelled. However, this may be subject to change in the future due to the implications of Brexit.

When can I expect to fly with Virgin Connect Airways?


Virgin Connect Airways is planning to operate from 2020 onwards. However, so far no exact date has been set as to when you can expect to see the airline at UK airports.


Flybe didn’t reply or has already rejected your claim for compensation for your flight’s delay or cancellation?


Very often, airlines will reject claims without providing sufficient information. Do not despair, you can still submit your claim with Flight-Delayed and send us the airline’s reply. We will corroborate the information and proceed accordingly. Don’t hesitate, exercise your rights!


Have you already checked if you are entitled to compensation via our calculator?  Have a look at our FAQ or contact us if you have any further questions!


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