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Right to care during delayed or cancelled flights

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The summer period is in sight, meaning it is finally time for your well-deserved holiday break! With your mind focused on the time you will spend relaxing on the beach, the last thing you want to do is spend even one second longer than necessary in an airport. However unfortunately, delays and cancellations are always a possibility and we are here to inform you of your rights. The purpose of a holiday is, of course, to lower your stress level, not to increase it!

Care in the event of a delay

When your flight is delayed, you are entitled to food and non-alcoholic beverages in a reasonable ratio to your waiting time. There are many airlines that do not outright offer this, so do not be afraid to ask for it. After all, it is your right! In addition to these refreshments, the airline should offer you two free calls or the possibility to send an email. For the old school tele-communicators among us, it should be possible to send a free telex or fax.

Care in the event of a cancellation

When your flight is cancelled, it is possible that your replacement flight will be scheduled for the next day. In this case, the above mentioned care will apply. Furthermore, the airline must arrange hotel accommodation for you, including transport to and from the hotel if necessary. It is absolutely not necessary to spend the night on a bench in the airport.

When no care is offered

It regularly occurs that passengers affected by delays or cancellations will purchase their own refreshments and book themselves into a hotel. In this case, do not feel at a loss because you can also claim a refund for these expenses from the airline. Make sure that you hold on to your receipts as proof! Unfortunately, you will not be able to claim a refund without the receipts.

Compensation for delays/cancellations

All of the above mentioned care options are provided in distinction from the legal compensation that airlines are required to pay. In contrast to the care which should be provided in the event of all delays or cancellations, the reason for the delay or cancellation will determine whether you are also entitled to legal compensation. In the case of an extraordinary circumstance (for instance bad weather or political unrest), the airline is not liable to pay legal compensation. The amount of compensation that you are eligible for will depend on the distance of the flight and could amount to as much as € 600, - per person!

Was your flight delayed or cancelled and did the airline fail to offer you anything? Then submit your claim at Flight-delayed. We will then check to see if you are entitled to legal compensation and will declare your costs!