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6 Top Tips to avoid flight delays and cancellations

Thursday, December 15, 2016 helps passengers claim the flight delay compensation they are entitled to. We also don’t mind offering advice on how to avoid them in the first place. Here are six top tips to avoid flight delays and cancellations. 

   1.Book the first flight

If possible book the first flight of the day. It is likely the aircraft that will transport you will already be at the airport. Even if it is coming from elsewhere, the airport you are flying from should be quieter than it would be during other times of the day.

   2.  Carry on carrying on

Forget about putting your luggage in the hold. Take a carry bag and this will instantly reduce the chances of being delayed at the airport.

   3. Keep your details up to date

You might just be flying with the airline just this once, but if you have a profile, make sure it is up to date so that the airline can inform you of any changes. The airline is within its right to change a flight up to two weeks prior to the departure date.

   4. Queue online, not at the airport

When a flight is cancelled, you can be sure that a large angry mob will queue at the desk of the airline in question. Don’t waste your time; either get on the phone or online to see what is happening.

   5. Get the app

Most airlines and airports will have an app that provides you with around the clock information about your flight.

   6.  Know your Rights

Know when you are entitled to flight delay compensation. Knowing your rights is half the battle.
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