3 things to expect at the airport this Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and in turn so is a peak season for flight delays. Passengers from all over will be travelling to visit family and friends or to have a few days away before all the eating begins. Be sure to keep an eye out for the following things when travelling this year.

1.Strikes, Strikes, Strikes:

This summer, passengers endured millions of minutes of delays. Industrial action was taken by Trade Unions across Europe. This winter is expected to be the same, with only one minor difference. It is not people on strike this time, but reindeer instead.
Employed by Santa Claus logistics, the Reindeer Union (TRU) balloted its members for industrial action over working conditions. Reindeers use runways across the country during the festive period and as part of the action will block the runways. A move which is expected to cause flight delays and cancellations.
The Union's national executive, Rudolph, told Flight-Delayed.co.uk, “We have been forced to take action, our members are forced to work 24-hour shifts with little to no rest period.” Santa Claus's logistics was not immediately available for comment but sources state that they are working to resolve the matter in time for Christmas.

2. Invisible airport staff:

During peak season, airlines and airports use a little-known power to help their staff get through the busiest times. Using similar technology to that discovered at Hogwarts, airlines turn their staff invisible. This is particularly useful for airlines when there is a major delay or cancellation. Just as an angry mob of passengers marches towards the information desk, staff simply disappear from view.

3. Happy relaxed passengers:

For some, travelling is a stressful event, but not at Christmas though. Known for being one of the busiest times of the year, Christmas sees airports fill up with happy and relaxed passengers. Despite the holiday season being renowned for stress, airports are known for their collective Zen during festivities. Not a single child will shed a tear nor will an angry adult vent built up frustration on a staff member of an airline. There will be no queues and every passenger will arrive where there are supposed to be on time.
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