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9.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot

Perfect communication, fast services. I have received my compensation in 3 weeks after filling all documentation. Fantastic. Thank you!!!

Compensation was transfered to my account within 2 weeks after claim was submitted. Perfect!

Won the case and took all the hassle away from doing it yourself
Would like to have more email transactions to keep updated on the progress, the length of time between e mails could be shortened

Delayed for 5 1/2 hours Newcastle to Antalya flying with Onur Air,no reason given for the delay. Contacted airline by email,took 5 weeks to say they were looking into the claim.That was the last I heard. Contacted Flight Delayed,and yes,it took them some time because Onur Air don't respond.but I have been told this week that the compensation will be in my bank next week. Well Done

I had been over booked on my return flight home from a weekend in Barcelona where I ended up re-routed via Dublin before I eventually got home 5 hours later! The claim process has been very straight forward & 3 months on I have been notified that I was awarded the full €800 minus the 25% fee for the service. The waiting period for receiving the compensation has been reasonable & it has helped that the Flight Delay team have kept me well informed on any updates throughout the process.

Flight Delayed persevered with my claim right thru to the end despite resistance from the airline. I received the compensation that I was entitled to. The whole process was simple from my perspective, Flight Delayed updated me and dealt with everything.