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9.4 out of 10

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Everything worked like clockwork. I really appreciate the efficiency and the outcome.

They do a great job!! Very satisfied with their service!

Amazing company, helped me through completing all of the documents and gave me updates whenever requested, money has been paid into my account

Last May we had a 5.5 hour delay at Barcelona Airport. I tried contacting the airline (TAP) with my claim but with no results. I had almost given up when I came across Flight Delayed. I sent all the info and one month later I was informed that they had my compensation (500 eur, less 25%) ready to be transferred to my account. I guess the times depend on each airline, but I was gladly surprise by their effectiveness. Everything is done by email, very easy and comfortable! I am recommending this service to all of my friends.

6 weeks start to finish for claim for a delay from Dubai £480.00 received fantastic work from these guys many thanks

Flight Delayed worked out a compensation successfully with BA. It was rejected initially when I approached BA directly.